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What Is Chinese Face Reading?

Chinese face reading, also known as Chinese physiognomy is an ancient art that’s been practised for thousands of years. The Chinese believe in lucky and unlucky faces. They read a person’s fate as well as a person’s character through a systematic analysis of the face. So, a person’s face is like his or her autobiography that is open for anyone to read.

Our face is said to contain a system of life information. Individual facial features are said to relate to each other and indicate the strengths and weaknesses we need to deal with in life. Current and potential patterns are shown by the zones. The physiognomic zones are:

  1. The Upper Zone: This is the area from our forehead to our eyebrows

  2. The Middle Zone: It is the area from the eyebrows to the tip our nose.

  3. The Lower Zone: It covers the area between the tip of your nose to the tip of your chin.

These three zones are said to represent the descending levels of the sky, man, and the earth based on Chinese cosmology.

Chinese Face Reading – Knowing What the Zones Mean

  1. Upper Zone: Based on tradition, a generous upper zone will make it easy for the person to find luck compared to those who have a generous middle or lower zone. Most undertakings might be poorly envisioned and destined to be doomed when the expansion and creative power of an upper-zoned person is lacking.

    Having a tall and wide upper zone is said to be having a mind infused with the characteristics that resembles the sky. Functions associated with having a significant upper zone are complete and massive abstract ideation and creating a concept out of nothing. Among the famous personalities who had significant upper zones are Einstein, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, and Alexander Graham Bell.

    Having a compressed or narrow upper zone doesn’t necessarily mean a character defect or a sign of impending difficult times but may be considered less lucky. They can still be lucky and great thinkers though, if their less significant upper zones are enlarged by other features like good sized earlobes (indicate wisdom), long significant nose with high nose bridge (indicates stamina and endurance), and a strong chin (indicates leadership and purpose).

  2. Middle Zone: The middle-zoned people are said to be practical-minded. They direct abstract concepts into functional solid form based on the inspiration supplied by the upper-zoned people. They usually find the solutions to their problems by applying progressive and logical methods.

  3. Lower Zone: If you’re a lower-zoned person, you can still find luck if your ears, nose, and chin have features that are formed auspiciously. And you may also be intellectually proficient like the other facial types. However, you might need a natural high level of excitement in order to remain interested. While having significant lower zones means the person possess the talent to generate excitement in the minds of other people, they tend to function best in the here and now. So, they are good when paired with middle zoned people to execute their exciting projects.

Chinese Face Reading – The Imperial Stamp

The area between the eyebrows is another important area of our forehead and is also known as the “Imperial Stamp”. Possessing a prominent, wide, and distinct “Imperial Stamp” can be associated with heightened status and entitlement. These people are thought to be good choices for higher positions in government because a heightened status cause heightened consequence.

It is said that the yin and yang sides of the face are cleanly divided if there is a single vertical crease dividing the Imperial Stamp in the middle. It has several interpretations and is also known as the “Suspended or Dangling Sword”. One is that it’s a sign for the bearer to be cautious because he or she is prone to disasters. Although it may sound threatening, it can be a helpful warning to keep since even the slightest mistake of people with heightened status and entitlement can have a heightened consequence.

According to this ancient art, the ideal structure of a face is one having all three zones equal. But faces formed with much precision are not that common. Perfect facial symmetry and balance may serve us the direction to an effortless, favourable and harmonious life. However, always remember that through our thoughts and actions we all have the opportunity to produce a balanced life, regardless of what zone is dominating in our face.

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