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How To Know If Someone Likes You - By Looking For Exaggerated Body Language

Reading body language can be hit and miss sometimes. Sometimes you might see one body movement and think "She's into me! Yeaaah!" ...but then she does something else that makes you think that maybe you just imagined it (Check out my other article: Why you need to be careful when reading someones body language).

One way to avoid these little misinterpretation is to look for what i can "exaggerated body language" movements. These are not just body language signals, but signals that are exaggerated. These are useful because if something is exaggerated, there's often a reason why this is the case. And if you suspect he or she might be into you, that reason very well could be because you happen to be present and they like you.

Ok, so what should i be looking out for?

Watch out for the following:

  1. Exaggerated General Actions: People have this habit of exaggerating their actions just to get the attention of someone. A girl who’s interested in you might find herself talking and laughing louder than usual. She would glance at your direction every once in a while when she’s flirting with other men to be sure that you see what she’s doing. In fact she’ll do just about anything for you to notice her. Guys do the same.

  2. Exaggerated Lip Movements: This one applies more to women. If she bites or wets her lips repeatedly, it might be a sign that her subconscious secretly wants her to kiss you ...and unable to do so (just yet anyway :-)), the natural body reaction is for the person to bite or wet their lips.

  3. Exaggerated Eye Contact: Do they often stare at you and look away when you catch them? If they continue doing this, they probably want to speak with you but don't want to initiate the conversation. Save them from misery and make the first move. Do the honors of approaching and introducing yourself to them.

  4. Exaggerated Eye Structure: Look closely ...have you noticed the pupils of their eyes dilate? Science has proven that our pupils dilate when we see something or someone we like and contract when we see things or people we dislike. So make eye contact with the person and observe if there are any changes in the size of their pupils. If they get bigger, you are definitely doing a good job. But if they get smaller, you might want to slow down a bit with your moves as they're probably irritated with you or with the situation of your date.

  5. Exaggerated Touching: Unless they have a rare tropical disease that causes them to touch people often, a person who is into you will try and touch you often so as to gauge your reaction and see if you are into them. Some people will touch others naturally, but if they're doing it more than normal, its a sure sign they're into you.

Dating may be complex, but with knowledge on the female body language, it becomes easily and hence more enjoyable.

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