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The 3 Main Areas To Watch When Interpreting Body Language

There has been a steady increase in the interest of interpreting body language in recent years. Most people are now aware that you’ll have more edge if you know how to comprehend more than just spoken words. Verbal communication is just one part of the story, our body language can tell so much more.

Learning to pick up on the subtle hints hidden in a slight smile or the glint of the eye will let you read between the lines. You will be able to gauge their intentions better. This is what makes being able to interpret body language so important.

In fact, employers use it in assessing candidates during interviews. The first thing you need to do is observe the other person for clues. Make your observation subtle so the other person won’t do things because he or she is aware you are observing. In such a case, that person’s body language might change and send all the wrong signals.

The Areas You Need To Pay Attention To

  1. The Face: Our face can reveal a lot about our emotions. Though some people have mastered the art of faking their feelings through their facial expression, the slightest sign of truth won’t escape a keen observer’s eyes. A slightly upturned corner of the mouth while listening to you indicates disinterest. Raised lips and corners of the lips indicate happiness. Sadness is reflected in narrowed eyes and eyebrows pulled together with the mouth curved down at the corners. Avoiding direct eye contact and with one or both corners of the mouth elevated indicates contempt.

  2. In the Hands and Legs: Believe it or not, even the way we position and move our hands and legs reveal our emotions and personalities. For instance, open palms say you are comfortable and relaxed. Giving a firm handshake shows confidence. While shaking your legs or tapping a foot means you’re bothered with something. Feet and knees that are always turned toward the direction of another person is a sign of attraction.

  3. In the Eyes: You can easily tell by the look in the eyes if a person is happy, disinterested, or bored. A person who often looks away may mean he or she is not interested in you, hiding something, or the person is not self confident. On the other hand, a person who can maintain eye contact is said to be confident. So, if you suspect that the person is lying, check if he or she can maintain eye contact with you when you’re talking.

Interpreting Body Language of Attraction

Both men and women display different body language of attraction. Here are some interpretations of women’s body language of attraction:

  • Tossing of hair means she is flaunting it and available
  • Playing or twisting the hair means it’s more than just interest
  • Touching her neck means she’s emphasizing her feminine attribute to flirt
  • Giving a long gaze means she’s interested in what you have to say and will stop talking

Men show the following body language when attracted to a woman:

  • Grooming himself like stroking his hair with his fingers, adjusting his tie, or brushing his shoulder when they see you
  • Holding his head up, keeping his shoulders square, and sitting up straight when he is sitting with you
  • Facing you and his body turned towards your direction most of the time, whether standing or sitting

Aside from these, attempting to get close, meaningful glances, and occasional touches are signs both men and women display when there is attraction.

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