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5 Ways A Guys Animalistic Nature Comes Out If He Likes You

Men are animals! Well, some of the body language signs a guy gives off when he likes you can be akin to animalistic behaviour anyway. So i guess in this way, if you want a particular guy to like you, the more of an animal he becomes - the better it is from your point of view.

In this article, i'm going to cover 5 main ways this natural behaviour can reveal itself in a guy when he's spotted something he likes. And the thing is, the more the guy likes you ...the more these characteristics come out.

5 Tell-Tale Male Flirting Signs

Here are the cues you need to look for:

  1. Attempt to Improve Appearance: Like animals, men tend to groom themselves when they’re interested in a female. They suddenly pay attention to their personal appearance, when most of the time they don’t. For instance, he may immediately adjust his necktie, smooth his collar, or brush his shoulder when he spots an interesting woman. Other signs include fixing his hair, cuff links, or the clothes he’s wearing. He may even check his teeth or feel his throat. Males want to look good in the eyes of the woman they like.

  2. Signs of Dominance: Acting like an “alpha male” when you’re around is a good sign. This is a man who demonstrates that he is strong and an intelligent leader. Placing the hands on hips, puffing up chest, or standing a little taller are male body language flirting signs to make a man appear bigger and in control.

  3. Eye Behavior: If interested, they will usually hold their gaze longer than a typical glance. Pupils of the eyes also dilate when they get excited over a woman. It is said that when a man is really interested, his pupils dilate up to four times more. Also watch out for the “triangular formulation” where a man’s gaze travel from the woman’s eyes, down to the mouth, chin, and the rest of the body, and then back to her eyes. A few lingering glances with a meaningful smile is definitely a sign he’s interested.

  4. Touching: Finding excuses or alibis to touch you show that a man is interested. They might bump into you and act as if it was by accident. Or they may touch your shoulder and pretend they’re just removing lint. But you know better. It is a very positive sign that the guy likes you.

  5. Subconscious Gestures: If you see a guy hooking his thumb on his belt, it means he’s trying to attract you by framing that part of his body. And he’s doing it subconsciously. Men also turn their bodies toward the woman when they flirt. The guy is definitely interested if his legs and feet stay pointed toward you, whether he is standing or sitting.

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