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6 Unusual Body Language Signs That Show If A Woman Is Into You

If you've read through some of the articles on this site, you're probably familiar with some of the more general body language signs that show when someone is into us. This is a good foundation and place to start.

In this article, i'd like to cover some of the more obscure body language movements a woman might give off. This way you'll be able to back up your intuition that this girl is really into you.

Have you noticed any of these?

  1. Turning Her Back On Other People: If she turns her back on where the rest of the people in the room are, it means they are less interesting. And when her knees are pointed towards you and her body is facing you, it’s a clear sign of wanting to be alone with you.
  2. Louder Than Normal: Observe her actions and the way she talks. If she talks a little louder than usual or laughs wildly while glancing at you, she’s trying to catch your attention. She may even walk past your table constantly and fail to make eye contact.

  3. Involuntary Eyebrow Flash: Notice if her eyebrows rise momentarily when you approach her and introduce yourself. Studies have shown that a woman’s eyebrows involuntarily flick upwards when she is happy to see a man.

  4. Involuntary Eye Movements: Shifting focus between your left and right eye means the person is interested in what you are saying. But when the flicking of the eyes gets quicker and the person steals glances of your mouth, the person is already interested in you. Some would also stop gazing over your shoulders or somewhere else and just stay focused on you.

  5. Subconsciously Putting Her Best Asset Forward: A woman might play with what she perceives as her sexiest asset or most feminine part. This is if she really wants to get your attention. For instance, she'll rest her fingers on her chest, caress her face as she listens to you, start playing with her hair, or even stroke her thighs. She’s not only conveying a message of interest subconsciously, she also longs to be touched!

  6. Watch Her Lips: Smiling is a good sign, but the lips can tell so much more. When a woman plays with her mouth, it means she’s imagining what it can be doing with you. She’d probably bite them, stroke them with her hands, or moisten them with her tongue. Now, wouldn’t you like that?

Final Note

This is something she'll do without even realizing; but if notice that you both do the same things simultaneously (ie your body movements match) you’ve already made a subconscious connection. Acting in sync with each other such as in lifting your drinks or touching your hair, demonstrates that you're totally focused on each other.

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