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I am bored what should I do?

Are you bored and don’t know what to do?

It’s natural to feel bored and restless from time to time. But if you find yourself feeling bored over an extended period of time (and are not sure why this is the case), then here’s something you NEED to know…

The vast majority of the time these feelings stem from internal, not external, sources.

And this is KEY.

Though you might feel that your sense of boredom stems from a lack of places to go or a monotonous routine …this might not be the case. The truth is that a lot of the time these feelings of boredom are generated from within.

Tell me more…

For example, you might feel better for a short time after going somewhere different or trying something new …but shortly after you get back to your regular daily life and routine your feelings of boredom will return.

You’ve probably noticed something like this after coming back from a nice weekend or holiday away. This shows external factors are not really the cause of your boredom.

But rather the problem is WITHIN.

And it’s from within that the problem should be addressed. However, not everyone is willing to do this.

Some People Act Like A Victim

Some people try to avoid this reality however by reacting to their feelings of boredom by finding and blaming external sources that surround them. They act like a victim rather than accepting responsibility for their feelings.

Many people develop a habit over time of blaming others for their problems in order to avoid responsibility for the way that they feel. Following below are a few common ways that people avoid confronting their internal issues and blame their boredom on external sources.

  • Blaming The Place: A common example of this is to blame the place they’re in for their boredom. For example, a person who lives in the country might blame his feelings of boredom on the fact that he is in the country and think he would be happy in the city. However, when he is in the city he might still not be happy. This could be because the root cause of his boredom is the fact that he finds it difficult to make friends. Simply changing scenery will not fix this problem. His real problem is his inability to make and keep friends.
  • Blaming Others: Often people blame others. They accuse THEM of being boring. They think they are the cause of their boredom … rather than confronting the internal problems that are causing feelings of boredom and restlessness. Such a person will likely find ALL or most of their friends “boring” when in reality there is some other factor (such as not having a boyfriend or girlfriend) that is causing it.
  • Blaming Your Job: Another common mistake people make is to blame their boredom on their job. So they then go looking for a new job …where they again feel bored. A possible real source of boredom here could be the fact that this person is ony able to get low paid jobs …and would feel more motivated in a well paid job. A solution here, would be to study in an area which would get him a well-paid job …rather than simply moving from job to job feeling bored and not really knowing why.

Just Remember…

People who are happy and satisfied rarely feel bored with their lives. And it takes internal change to achieve this sense of contentment. It cannot be accomplished by blaming external causes.

Understand the internal causes of your boredom and focus your energies on them …rather than searching for and blaming external sources.