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Why am I always bored?

Here’s a very simple psychology principle EVERYONE should know:

The feelings you experience are often simply messages your mind is using to notify you of a problem …and to motivate you to change it.

So you should take particular attention to feelings you have. When you understand these feelings (and examine the root sources of them) they will provide you with an actionable route to eliminating negative feelings from your life.

Those who don’t do this are doomed to spend their time fruitlessly trying to avoid their feelings and never really achieving happiness.

So this brings us onto the feeling of boredom…

Boredom can sometimes be a message from your mind telling you that there are other more urgent things to focus on rather than the task your attention is on right now.

Let’s take an example of this…

Mike was never much interested in school and as a result dropped out of high-school to work as a teller at a local hardware store. After a few years however, he decided that the pay was too little to support him long-term if he ever got married.

And so Mike decided to start a business.

He set up a business supplying hardware goods to stores in his state. The business took off and Mike started earning good money. For the first time in Mikes life, he felt positive about himself and his future.

However, whenever Mike spent a weekend at home watching TV he found himself feeling restless and bored but not really understanding why. Before, he used like watching TV and catching up on his shows that were recorded during the week …but now he found them boring.

So what was going on here?

Simple, the source of these feelings of boredom was his mind sending him the signal that he should be tending to his business instead of watching TV every weekend like he had done all his life.

This Brings Up An Important Point About Boredom Itself…

In the above example, we can see that “boredom” is not always as it appears. Boredom can be a feeling your mind is sending you that some other area of your life needs attention.

This means a person should never take it to heart if someone else calls them boring. Occasionally, someone may find you boring however it does not reflect your character at all. It only means that this person cannot satisfy their own unmet needs with your companionship. This means their unmet needs are the problem …not you.

And this applies to other emotions too. If someone is angry with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with you. It may very well mean that there is some area of that persons life that is bothering them and they have found no way to deal with it …and so they express this frustration onto others.

If you feel bored all the time or experience recurring feelings of boredom take some time to examine what it is your mind wants you to focus on …and what you should be doing. You might be surprised at the answers that come up.