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How To “Prepare” When Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Breaking up with someone you love is one of the most painful things a person goes through, next to the death of a loved one. You and your partner know in your hearts that you still love each other but something’s wrong with the relationship and it cannot be fixed.

If you’re about to break up with someone that’s close to your heart in this way, being prepared for it is the best way to reduce the pain it’s going to cause.

5 Tips That Will Reduce The Pain

  1. Avoid overanalysing: The break up isn’t entirely your fault. You may or may not have done something, but your partner should know that loving someone means to accept that person for who and what he or she is. You make mistakes because you are human. Your partner has no right to try to change you into something that you’re not. Instead, he/she should let YOU yourself initiate the change that would be beneficial for the both of you.

  2. Revive your love for yourself: When we get involved in a relationship, we often tend to forget about ourselves and give all our affection to our partner. It is because love desires us to be selfless and giving. After all, the whole concept of loving is to give until it hurts. So recall what your life was like before you met your partner. Think of who you were and what were the things that made you happy back then.

  3. Be strong: A break up is never easy, but you don’t want to lose your dignity by pleading your partner to stay. You would only make yourself more susceptible to pain and to being treated by your partner with disrespect.

  4. Do what you’ve always wanted to do: You might have probably wanted to do something but weren’t able to because your partner controlled the relationship and made all the decisions. Plan an activity or start a new hobby and ask your friends to join you. You not only get to enjoy something that you actually like to do, you also get to spend some time with your good old buddies.

  5. Believe that there is life after a break up: Whenever I hear my friends saying they can’t live without their exes, I ask them, How old are you? How long have you and your boyfriend/girlfriend been together? How old were you when you entered the relationship?

    Say, for example, a woman answered she’s 23 now, that they have been together for 2 years, and she was only 21 when they started dating. What I would tell my friend is that 2 years of living with her partner is incomparable with the 21 years that she has lived her life on her own. So she can definitely STILL be able to go on with her life, without her partner in it.

Final thought on breaking up with someone you love

People break up for different reasons. It may be because they have already fallen out of love, or perhaps they still love each other but things are not working out anymore. Whatever the reason is, the experience will always leave a scar in a person’s heart.

No matter how blissful and perfect things are and were, a relationship will always come to its end if you are with the person who’s not really meant for you. Remember, each relationship has a different lesson to teach.

So until the time comes that you find the right one for you, just continue to live, love and let love but also be prepared to stumble, fall, get your heart bruised and eventually recover.

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