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How To Get Your Ex Husband Back - Both Physically AND Emotionally

The best way to get your ex husband back is to not just get him back physically by your side but emotionally also. To do this you'll need to analyse the specifications of his lovemap and see what violated it that caused him to leave in the first place.

What’s a “lovemap” you might ask? This is the list everyone has in their subconscious, which dictates the characteristics they would like in a future wife or husband. The good news is that because you were married, you satisfied this list.

At least initially that is. Something then changed. In my book “How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” I go through how you need to analyse the situation to see if it’s his list that has changed or was it something in you that changed and it violated his list.

Why Is This Lovemap Important In Getting Your Husband Back?

The reason this is crucial is that people often breakup with their partner but give a false reason for why they want to breakup. And if you base your strategy for getting him back on a false reason – you’re going nowhere.

I also go through the psychological techniques you should be employing right now to win him back and more importantly make him fall for you again. Aside from what I go through in my book, other things that can help get an ex husband back include:

  1. Don’t act desperate: Doing so would only make you look needy. Instead of winning his heart, you are actually giving him more reasons to walk away from you fast.

  2. Give him some space: You could both make use of some space and time to think and reflect about your marriage and why it came to an end. While you give him time to assess things, use this time to evaluate what went wrong in your marriage.

  3. Stay beautiful: Do not let the divorce take the best out of you. If you want to get your husband back, you’ve got to possess the kind of beauty that would be appealing to him again. Maintain your looks and be confident of yourself. Stay in shape and take care of your health.

  4. Get out and have some fun: Spend time with family and friends and do some catching up with people you hold dear whom you haven’t seen for a while. These people will also help you forget about the pain you are carrying because of the divorce.

  5. Watch your actions: Be as gentle as you possibly can in your actions especially with your words. A soft answer is more likely to turn away wrath than a harsh one. No amount of dominating and controlling behaviour would ever be able to bring your husband back. With a positive kind of attitude, the more likely it is to make him want to be with you.

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