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Getting An Ex Back ...Using A Proven System

Getting an ex back is a hit and miss process for most people. And considering that you care about your ex and probably love them, you shouldn’t be employing a hit and miss strategy right now.

You should be employing a proven system based on solid psychology to get your ex back. People generally are not aware of the psychology that needs to be employed after a breakup to ensure you get back with them.

This is why I created the book “How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” so that everyone has access to this kind of information. The reality is that when handled correctly, 95% of break ups can be reversed. The key is doing the right steps to achieve it.

What do I need to do to get my ex back?

I obviously can’t go through the entire contents of my book in the confines of one article, but the first thing you need to figure out is why the break up happened. This is not to point a finger on who’s to blame between the two of you. It’s a way to modify the reason of your break up and thus eliminate it from your exs subconscious as a reason to stay broken up.

Analyzing the situation is a very important step. Give your ex some time to do it as well. Do some self-appraisal and find out the possible root cause of your problem. It could be a behavior that your ex couldn’t put up with anymore or a certain event.

Whatever the reason may be, it is a must that you take responsibility for your mistakes and fix them up. This will also help you deal with such situations later on.

Getting an Ex Back – Preserve Your Dignity

The most important thing you should avoid doing is to make yourself appear needy or desperate. Following your ex like a stalker shortly after the break up is not a very good idea.

You will only drive your ex further away so don’t make this error. Learn to be strong even if it’s hard to do because you’re hurting. Let everyone, including your ex, see that you are okay by yourself.

Preserving your dignity after a break allows you to have your self-confidence intact. Don’t show yourself in poor light by seeming desperate or needy. Instead, maintain your confidence so your ex will still be attracted to you, not push you away.

The Right Thing to Do in Getting an Ex Back

One of the worst strategies in getting an ex back is trying to make him or her jealous. It will only make your ex think that he or she should move on too when you show that you have moved on with another person. It can also make you look manipulative. So, what is the right thing to do? Here are some things that can help you get your ex back instead of losing them completely:

  1. Remove THEIR fear of rejection: Give small hints that you want him or her back to raise his or her confidence that you are open to reconciliation. Sometimes, an ex hesitates to get back together because he or she is afraid of rejection. Showing some signs may be all it takes for your ex to start making an effort for you to get back together.

  2. Re-initiate contact: After giving each other some time and space, make a way for both of you to chat and sort out your problems. Again, be reminded not to act desperate as well as to be pushy.

  3. Be friends once again and enjoy each other’s company: Have patience and let your ex see your effort and how amazing it is being with you.

With the correct approach, the fact is that couples can easily get back together after a break up. Without the correct knowledge – you’re just winging it on luck and hoping for the best.

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