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How To Get Your Girl Back - Psychological Tricks

So you need to know how to get your girl back? By now, you’re probably full of regrets already –for what you did and what you did not do while you had her. And you’re probably desperate in getting your girl back.

The good news is that there is always hope. But only if you base your strategy on a tried and tested system. This is as opposed to using random guesswork advice that’s all too commonly available on the Internet.

You need a coherent and effective system to getting her back. In my book “How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” I show how to get an ex back by making her fall in love with you. This can be done whether she was in love with you the first time around or if you think you’re starting from scratch on winning her over emotionally.

Psychological Tricks To Get a Girl Back

These are just some of the tips formulated from what psychology has taught us:

  1. Be well-informed about her: Make sure to keep track of all her activities. What is she currently up to? Find out what it is she is really looking for in a guy or in a relationship and do your best to work on it. But don’t tell her anything about it. Never tell her that you’ve changed or that you’re trying to be the person that she wants to be with. This can sound very lame to her as she may have heard it all before.

  2. Look Your best if you can’t apply the no contact rule: I go through the importance of the no contact rule in my book. However, not every situation allows you to implement it. If you work together or hang out with the same group of friends etc, make sure to look your most attractive and be enjoying yourself. The more you do this, the more of a positive impression you’ll leave on her. Most importantly, don’t look depressed or desperate. Try and avoid communication or if you have to talk to her just keep it minimal and tell her you hope she’s well.

  3. Arouse the feeling of jealousy in her: Find out what makes her feel jealous and do it so she will in fact get jealous. A little bit of jealousy can be good. However, don’t overdo your act or she won’t believe it and it will backfire on you. Allow her to see you looking happy with another person. Don’t fake your laughs or keep on staring at her while you’re with someone else because she’ll know what you’re up to. Make your act believable and it will drive her crazy. She’ll think about you the whole time. She’ll have to admit to herself that she still has feelings for you. This is certainly something you can build on to get her back.

Final Thought On Getting Your Girl Back

Often, making use of a little psychology is the secret to getting what you want. Don’t waste your time and effort on things that usually don’t work. Spend it on things that have higher success rate.

Successfully implementing these tricks will get your girl back. Not only will she want to talk to you again, but she’ll want to get you back as well.

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