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Why Moving On After a Break Up SEEMS Difficult

Do you wonder why moving on after a break becomes difficult? It’s all because of a bruised ego. If you think about it, you feel more depressed when you are associating the break up with your ego. You see, if you think you are a great person because you’ve built a perfect relationship, then you will really feel bad if someone tells you that relationship is worthless or tears it apart.

Just like learning about your partner cheating on you, you feel hurt and angry not only because you love him or her so much but more so because your ego has been hurt badly with his or her actions. This is a reality which only a few people have realized.

If this is the case, moving on after a break up would depend on your ability to let go of your ego. Here are ways to do it:

  1. Believe in a higher force:You have to depend on a higher force that gives reassurance that we can regain control. Whether it is God, Allah, or whatever name you call Him, He is a force which can make moving on possible if you just believe. He is very powerful, and nothing is impossible with Him.

  2. Associate your achievements with your ego:Believe in yourself and not in your achievements or success. If you do this, you won’t become vulnerable when people say your achievements are not valuable. Why? Because you are very sure that you can achieve success once again even if you lost it. In the same way, you can easily move on after a break up because you believe in your ability to love and be loved.

Break ups can be very traumatic, especially when the ego is hurt. It can leave deep scars which are hard to fade and make moving on after a break up very difficult. So, in order to heal more easily, it’s best not to associate your ego to the break up. Learn to let it go.

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