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The #1 Way To Stop (And Prevent) Someone From Bullying You Now

Want to know how to deal with a bully?
Or stop someone from bullying you dead in their tracks?

In order to stop and prevent someone from bullying you, you first need to understand that people who become bullies do so in order to compensate for some inferiority in their lives. This is key because the way to stop someone from bullying you is to view them through a lens where you see them as someone who is WEAK …rather than strong.

For example, many people who become bullies were they themselves bullied and were unable to deal with this. This leaves an emotional scar in their psyche which the subconscious tries to heal. The way it tries to heal this scar is by trying to find someone who they themselves can bully in order to "transfer" the feelings of inferiority to this new person.

But the above is not the only reason why some people become bullies. Others do so to compensate for:

  • A lack of control in their life
  • Feelings of inferiority
  • Narcissistic tendencies
  • Insecurity issues

Check out my article “5 Psychological Problems People Who Use Others Suffer From” for more information on these. The bottom line is that all these stem from an area of psychological DEFICIENCY …not psychological superiority.

How To Use This To Prevent Someone From Bullying You

The above shows that bullies are carrying an emotional scar in some shape or fashion. And people are very protective of their emotional scars. They like to think that only they themselves know about them ...and no one else.

So, the next time you meet a bully try asking them the following questions:

  • Did someone bully you when you were younger? It’s just, you seem to be carrying around some type of emotional scar.
  • Do you suffer from a lack of control in some area of your life? It’s just you seem to be trying to compensate for something by trying to control others around you.
  • It looks like some hidden issue in your life is influencing your current behavior by making you try to control other people. What is that hidden issue?

Bullies will HATE this. They will not want someone even knowing they have an emotional scar, let alone having it picked on like this. 

In addition, bullies want a psychological advantage over the person they are bullying. By unveiling their weaknesses, you remove that psychological advantage …and turn the tables on them. You now have a psychological advantage over them by knowing that some deficiency on their part is driving their bullying behavior towards you.

You are displaying to them that you know that their show of strength …is a forgery. And that something sensitive to them is causing them to fake such a show of strength.

Then Up The Pressure

The next time you’re talking with someone who you know is a friend of the bully, casually say to them:

“Is John (i.e. the bully) Ok? He seems to have some kind of issue in his past he hasn’t dealt with.”

Then, the next time you meet the bully, in addition to asking the above sample questions I outlined, say to them:

“I met your friend Sam the other day. We were talking about you, about how you seem to have some type of issue in your past that has affected you.”

Now not only has the bully the problem of you picking at their emotional scar, but you are going around talking to other people about that scar. This would be EXTREMELY unsettling for any bully. They had been attempting to use you to heal their emotional scar (by bullying you) but you are in fact making it worse by advertising to the whole world that they have an emotional scar or some type of issue that is affecting their behavior.

This would have the effect of the bully not wanting to interact with you further in case it causes you to talk to more and more people about their emotional scar. You in effect make the bully allergic to you ...and you become useless as a target for the bully because they lose their psychological advantage over you.