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The 5 Different Types Of Infidelity …And Why People Commit Them

Infidelity definition may vary from one source to another. But one thing’s certain; it’s all about emotional and/or sexual unfaithfulness to a partner. Normally, you’d be asking yourself “why?” once you found out that your partner cheated. Could it be because he’s unhappy with you? Or is it just because of sexual temptation?

In this article I’m going to cover are various reasons why people commit infidelity. I know that knowing why your partner cheated won’t lessen your pain or make such action justifiable. However, knowing exactly what’s the purpose for his or her infidelity can help alleviate your confusion to make healing your relationship or moving on much faster.

Which One Of These Applies To Your Situation?

The following are the types of infidelity and the reasons why people commit them:

  1. Romantic Infidelity: A person usually commits this when there is already very little emotional attachment felt for his or her partner. He or she seeks intimacy and romance from someone else but chooses to stay with his or her partner out of commitment. This type of infidelity is painful for both the cheater and his or her partner because one has already fallen out of love and the other is aware that he or she is just staying out of commitment.

  2. Obligatory Infidelity: Fear is the main reason why a person commits infidelity. He or she is afraid that resisting sexual advances from others will result in rejection. So, even if the person has strong feelings for his or her partner, he or she will commit infidelity because of badly needing that other person’s approval.

  3. Opportunistic Infidelity: A person who is in love with his or her partner commits infidelity by giving in to his or her sexual desires for someone else. Irrepressible lust, situational circumstances (being under the influence of drugs or alcohol), opportunity, or risk-taking behavior are things that drive a person to commit this kind of infidelity.

  4. Conflicted Romantic Infidelity: The person commits infidelity because he or she feels love and sexual desire for more than one person at the same time. This person will try to manage multiple romantic relationships even though he or she has a committed partner already. Although we commonly hear about having that one true love, it is possible for a person to experience intense romantic feelings for multiple people at the same time. In the end, everyone involved in this type of infidelity will get hurt.

  5. Commemorative Infidelity: This kind of infidelity occurs in relationships where one partner doesn’t have feelings for the other person from the very start. There is no love and attachment but only a sense of commitment. This is common in arranged marriages or people who commit for the sake of compromise. The person would cheat because he or she feels that it’s his or her right to look for what he or she is not getting in the relationship. These people do not leave their partners for the sake of appearance and so as not to be viewed as failures.

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