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Can serial cheaters ever be changed? (Psychology of a serial cheaters mentality)

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Have you ever wondered why some men have affairs? And even when they are caught, they go ahead and have another one once the dust of the previous one has cleared? These are the age-old questions that people have talked about and different psychologists have tried to explain.

The problem with serial cheaters lies in the mentality of the cheater themselves. Often you’ll hear people say that the woman must have done something to cause him to cheat or that she wasn’t satisfying his needs etc etc. And while this is true in some cases, when in comes to serial cheaters – the problem lies squarely with the offender, not the victim.

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In this article I’m going to discuss the psychology of a serial cheaters mentality so if you are in a relationship with one, you’ll be better able to understand him and decide if you want to be with someone that thinks the way he does. I’m also only going to talk about men as being serial cheaters as men are by far more likely to serial cheat than women.

The Goings On Inside The Head Of A Serial Cheater

The following are some of the noted points discussed among psychologists to explain serial cheaters behavior:

  1. It’s part of their nature: Some anthropologists suggest that serial cheaters cheat because it’s part of male instinct to ensure survival of their kind, as in animals. Man is said to evolve from apes. Animals have no regard for monogamy but in propagating their species.

  2. They like the thrill of the chase: Men are said to be more inclined to do things which are forbidden. They like the thrill that comes with it. It seems to feed a male’s ego to be able to do something they’re not supposed to do.

  3. They feel untouchable: Because men are often in power, they feel that the law is in their hands. They are not afraid of the consequences of their action. Or they think they can get away with breaking some rules, even in marriage.

  4. The "me first" mentality: Some women may be high-maintenance. But a lot of men are too, even though they may seem simple. It’s just that women tend to be selfish with material things while men are selfish when it comes to the fulfillment of their needs. His ego tells him he should always come first.

    Although women also want to be their partner’s first priority, they place their needs second when it comes to family, children, and their husband. The serial cheater doesn’t think like this. When he feels his needs are not given priority, he looks for someone or becomes vulnerable to someone who will give him just that.

Considering the above, there can be little hope that serial cheaters can ever truly be changed. The psychology behind their behavior is just too ingrained in who they are as a person. If you are in a relationship with a serial cheater, you really need to ask yourself if you want to be with someone that holds any of the above 4 mentalities.

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