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5 Signs Of A Cheating Girlfriend - Psychology Analysis

How can you tell if the girlfriend that you hug and kiss everyday is a cheating girlfriend? You don’t have to lose sleep if you know the signs of a cheating girlfriend.

Knowledge is power. Knowing the signs of a cheating girlfriend is important, but knowing that sometimes signs can be misleading is crucial.

You don’t want to accuse your girlfriend in the wrong of being a cheater as this could destroy your relationship. The first rule in interpreting the signs of a cheating girlfriend is knowing that:

  • One sign on its own is not enough!

Instead, you should observe a number of solid changes in her behaviour before making any type of accusation.

Some would argue that a woman who cheats is more unacceptable than a man who cheats. This has come about from society’s positioning of women and the perception that cheating is a male characteristic rather than a feminine one. In reality such a concept is wrong as cheating itself is wrong no matter who does it.

What are some signs of a cheating girlfriend?

I've included 3 common signs of a cheating girlfriend here but there are other ones available on this site.

  1. Taking extra care of her looks: Women generally are always interested in their looks but often when a woman has been with a guy for some length of time she doesn't go to such effort as when she meets a guy for the first time. If she's taking a renewed interest in her appearance, then she may be making extra effort for someone else other than you.

    Again this is an example of one of the biggest signs of a cheating girlfriend and you'll need to ask yourself questions like: Does she mind having messed up hair when she is in your company? but does it up when she’s going out somewhere without you? This type of gesture might be the key to knowing something is amiss.

  2. Strange behaviour with her phone: One of the biggest signs of a cheating girlfriend is new unusual activity involving her phone. If there is anyone new in her life texting her, she will be cagey viewing texts when she’s sitting beside you. Maybe she doesn't read some texts when she is sat beside you or doesn't answer calls in your presence.

    Often a cheater will even take their mobile phones when they leave the room. This can happen even when they go for a bathroom break. This is just one of the telltale signs of a cheating girlfriend and shows there’s something she doesn't want you knowing about.

  3. Reduced time spent with you: This is perhaps one of the biggest signs of a cheating girlfriend. If your girlfriend is spending increased time away from you than it reasons that there is something else outside of you that has become more important to her. This may or may not be a definitive sign of a cheating girlfriend but may indicate that she's becoming less attached to you and possibly preparing you for a break up. Either case is bad.

    In my book "How To Get Over Someone You Love Using Psychology" I show how having knowledge of an impending break up can turn things around in your favour and prevent her from leaving you. Some of the signs of a cheating girlfriend are similar to the signs of a person when they are about to dump their lover, regardless of whether they are cheating or not.

Still having trouble with a cheating girlfriend?

Check out my other articles on cheating in order to get more signs of a cheating girlfriend. It’s important to be pro-active in dealing with a cheating girlfriend. Some guys want to ignore that their loved one is cheating because they have already invested a large amount of themselves into the relationship.

It's not easy but if she really is cheating, you must ask yourself if you want to stay with her. Use your intuition in interpreting the signs of a cheating girlfriend. Sometimes a persons behaviour can change in one aspect for any number of possible reasons. However when you combine a number of signs of a cheating girlfriend, the picture will become a lot clearer.