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What are some good communication skills activities?

Communication is a two way process; thus, in effective communication, it is important to not only be able to relay a message properly, but also to receive the response to that message and understand it clearly.

The following communication skills activities will not only help you improve how you communicate with your partner but also show where the root cause of some of your current problems are likely to be.

Continuing A Story:

This is an extension of a common multi-authoring message board game and all it requires is several small pieces of paper. The person initiating the activity will write the first two sentences of a story in separate lines on the paper. Then, he shows only the second line to his partner who will then do the same. The activity can continue for as many repetitions as the partners please. Once the activity is over, the partners should put their sentences together to see what kind of story they have co-authored. The most likely result is that the story will not make any sense.


This activity highlights the importance of knowing the entire story before jumping to conclusions.

Building Blocks:

This activity is intended primarily to develop your speaking skills. In this activity, each participant will need a more or less equal number of building blocks. Lego blocks work quite fine for this activity. With their backs facing each other, one of the partners will be shown an object that was built with the blocks. His/her task will be to guide the other partner through the steps required in order to create the object without revealing what the object really is.
At the end of the activity, the partners should compare the finished product to the original object and note the differences and similarities if any. It is quite rare to be able to approximate the original object perfectly unless the partners have done this activity before.


This activity allows the partners in the relationship to understand when misunderstandings might occur due to poor verbal communication skills.

Reading A Passage Or Story:

This is a simple activity that only requires a short passage or a short story. The partners take turns reading a passage or a story to each other and the reader or a third party mediator asks some questions to the listener at the end of the reading passage. If some questions are not answered satisfactorily, the listener should comment on what mannerisms the reader manifested which he/she might have found distracting as well as reflect on his/her own ability to listen.


Not understanding something means that both parties could be at fault, not just the teller or the listener.

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