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How To Compliment A Girl Without Looking Foolish

Looking for compliments for girls?
And don't know where to start?

Well, before you go and look for generic example ones, read this first...

Most men think compliments for girls are the ticket to get into their pants. So, what do they do? They make the mistake of giving excessive compliments, to the extent that it doesn’t sound genuine to the woman. Or they just don’t know the right way to compliment a woman. As a result, they look desperate and needy.

I’m not saying that you should never compliment a woman so you don’t look needy or desperate. As a matter of fact, compliments can be very powerful if you know how to deliver them right. What I’m saying is that the key to giving compliments is to do so from a position of power, and not out of sexual neediness.

Be direct, smooth, and avoid apologizing when you give a compliment. If you give compliments this way, the woman will continue working to gain your approval. But if you give compliments from a position of sexual neediness, she will just view you as a weak beggar.

Compliments Influence A Womans Perception Of You

Compliments are especially useful for making the woman view you in a positive light. So in order to make your compliment work, follow the following guidelines:

  • Being Perceived As Deep/Observant: To do this, look for something she's worked on ...and compliment that. Most men don't take any time to notice the things that women have given alot of thought over in their appearance. So if you do notice these things, you are setting yourself apart ...and the woman will appreciate you for it. If she’s put a lot of effort into getting a particular hairstyle, or on her make-up etc - note that to her. To put this into practise, look at the small details in her appearance …because small details show that someone has put a lot of care into that particular part of their appearance.

  • Being Perceived As Playful: Whatever compliment it may be, make sure to maintain a calm and playful attitude when you give it. Don't give a compliment in a serious fashion, but rather in a light-hearted way. This not only makes you come across as playful and fun ...but it also safeguards against a situation of inadvertently making the woman feel uncomfortable (where the woman didn't happen to like that particular compliment). If you come across as playful when you give it, it's usually almost impossible to make the person feel uncomfortable in the event that the compliment didn't go down well ...say for example if the girl doesn't like being complimented in general on that aspect of her appearance/character that you happen to compliment her on.

  • Continual Perception Of Niceness/Source Of Good Emotions: Compliments are more powerful if given sparingly and in fractions. Also, when given sparingly, a woman is more likely to believe them and consequently mean a lot more to her. Let’s say for example, you compliment a woman on her smile, do it once and then direct the conversation onto something else. Later on you can give her a compliment on something else. This way you get to continually (over a period of time) come across as a nice guy who makes her feel good.

Keep these points in mind whenever you give compliments for girls. Compliments can easily be given, but it won’t work for you if you don’t know how to give them the right way. The key is to say it the right way and at the right time.

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