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How To Compliment A Woman So You Stick In Her Mind

The first thing you need to know about compliments is that we are not talking about those pick up lines for girls you’ve heard of a thousand times before. Those lines are generic. Compliments are specific to the woman. That’s why they succeed while pick up lines fail.

In essence, complimenting a woman is a bit like placing a bet with one of your friends. You’re either going to win or lose. There’s no middle ground. However, just like placing a bet, it’s not a 50-50 chance whether you’ll win or lose. If you know exactly what you’re talking about when you make a bet with one of your friends, then you’re pretty much assured of winning.

This is what I want to cover in this article. I want to show you the correct way of complimenting a woman so that it comes across as genuine, believable …and most of all memorable. When you know how to compliment a woman the right way it can significantly boost your chances of getting with her …because a good compliment will make you stick in the womans mind in a positive way.

So how should I give a compliment?

Firstly, always compliment a girl …with conviction. You can’t afford to look hesitant and unsure of yourself. Otherwise it won’t come off right. With that aside, there are 2 important rules you should remember with regard to the actual structure of the compliment itself:

  • Avoid Simple Compliments: If it’s a wet day, and someone comes up to you and says it’s a wet day, you’re not likely to think much of someone for such a simple statement. Likewise, when it comes to complimenting a woman (particularly a beautiful woman), simple statements only make you look like a simpleton.Don’t tell a girl she that she is “beautiful”, “hot” or “sexy” etc. Tell her exactly what it is about her appearance that is hot or sexy. This backs up your compliment making the compliment more believable …thus making the woman appreciate it more because it sounds genuine. So simple compliments like:

You’re beautiful (….becomes…) Your smile is beautiful

You’re sexy (….becomes…) Your eyes are sexy

You’re hot (…becomes…) Your dress is hot

  • Expand On The Compliment: Just like the analogy of the wet weather story, instead of simply saying the weather is wet, if the guy went on to expand on the topic by saying the clouds are moving in opposite directions in the sky, and that that’s a sign that this wet weather is going to get worse, you’re likely to admire him for his observation and knowledge. Likewise, if you expand on the compliment you’ve just given, the compliment sounds even more believable. So you might tell her:

Your smile is beautiful (…becomes…) Your smile is so beautiful. It makes me feel like smiling too.

Your eyes are sexy (…becomes…) Your eyes are sexy. You look mischievous sometimes the way you look with your eyes.

You look hot in that dress (…becomes…) You look hot in the dress. It really brings out your figure.

But Remember…

You should expand on the compliment …but not dwell on it. Otherwise you run the risk of turning a beautiful compliment into something that just makes the woman feel uncomfortable.

Once you give her a compliment like the ones here, you don’t need to dwell on it further because believe me, she’ll be remembering it herself, not only during the conversation but for the rest of the night.

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