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How To Build Self-Confidence ...Using Visualization

Whether you want to ask you boss for a raise, ask someone out, or engage in conversation at a party, visualizing the scenario in detail can build your confidence. Visualization involves imagining:

  • How you feel,

  • The temp of the room,

  • The background noise,

  • The smell.

  • Everything etc

Visualizing everything will allow you to take your mind off the “major” event your doing (ie just talking to someone) and allow you to relax more.

4 Visualization Tips

  1. Imagine Having Done It: Make it a habit to imagine that you’ve already done a particular thing when you’re doing it for the first time. Vividly imagine how you did it and that you succeeded. The more vivid your imagination is, the more that it will feel real. And the more that you’ll be confident in actually doing it.

  2. Watch and Learn: There are people we know who we envy when it comes to self-confidence. Watch how they do the things that you’re not confident doing and try to model their attitudes and behaviors when doing them. You can even talk to them and ask for advice.

  3. Keep Things in Proper Perspective: Imagine what your future will be. If you’re already elderly and you look back on your life, do you think the things that you currently find difficulty in doing would be as difficult as you feared they would be? And do they even matter as much as you thought they would? One of the best ways to diminish fear is to keep things in proper perspective.

  4. Think of All the Opportunities You’re Losing: Logic tells us that you don’t accomplish anything if you don’t do something. And you can’t go anywhere if you just stand still. Every time you don’t go for something, you’re losing out on 100% of the opportunities it can bring. You see, there is certainly nothing wrong in trying. Yes, you will not fail, but you also won’t succeed if you don’t give it a try.