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How To Feel More Confident Quickly - Using The “Do-Or-Die” Technique

The “do or die” technique is a little trick, which can be used to make you more confident in certain situations. Say for instance you want to ask someone you like out. To implement the technique in this sort of situation: approach the person with the mindset that if you don’t chat them up and get their number that you will die in 5 minutes.

It sounds drastic, but this technique has been shown to work wonders on a persons confidence to do something which they would normally find very difficult. It’s like a video game except you view the situation as though you have only 1 chance.

5 Tips To Help You Develop A “Do-Or-Die” Mindset

  1. Act As If Failure Is Not An Option: If there’s any advertisement that’s worth remembering, it’s that of a famous sportswear and equipment supplier which says “Just Do It”. Simple, but it really means a whole lot when it comes to becoming more confident. Always keep in mind that things can be done if you just do it. Yes, you won’t become a failure if you don’t do it. But you’ll never achieve anything if you don’t do anything. And that in itself is actually a failure. Knowing you can is a lot better than knowing a lot.

  2. Relax Your Fear Away: Based on the findings of several studies in psychology, when the muscles of our body are perfectly relaxed, it is impossible for us to feel fear. So, the moment you start feeling a bit anxious, try and locate those muscles that are tightening and make them relax. Relaxing the muscles is also commonly practised for anger management. That’s how powerful relaxing is.

  3. Be Aggressive And Positive: Learn to face the fear in an aggressive and positive way. Every time fear creeps into your mind, imagine yourself being aggressive and positively reacting to it. This in effect programs your subconscious. Eventually, it will extend to reality and you will act accordingly when similar situations actually arise. If you program your mind that you can conquer your fear, you will be able to. If you keep on thinking you can’t, then you won’t be able to.

  4. Take Risks: Don’t be afraid to set out and do what you always wanted to try but just didn’t have the confidence to do. One of the best confidence boosters is being able to face your fears. When you find yourself conquering the things you have a fear of, it will become so much easier for you to have the confidence in facing anything.

  5. Substitute Fear with a Positive Feeling: Any positive feeling will do. Knowing that it’s not always easy to drive away fear, substitute it with another good feeling so it won’t win over you. Change your internal dialogue whenever fear starts creeping into your thoughts so you can divert it. Replace irrational thoughts with “I can do it”, “It can be done”, or “I’ll find a way”.

Set a do or die moment the next time you find yourself alone needing to face something which you feel is difficult.

But Remember…

This technique is only a temporary way to make you confident in very specific situations. It will not make you a confident person. The good thing however is that you will have got a date or whatever you had wanted by using the technique.