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Why Eliminating Barriers Is One Of The Best Self Confidence Tips

If you’ve ever studied self-confidence tips, you will know that confidence is a learned trait – not something you are born with. There is no gene for it.  

Most of the time, people lack self-confidence because there are barriers that keep it from developing. So the best self confidence tip is to know how they affect you so you can avoid them.

What are these barriers?

There are 6 main ones. And by understanding each one, you will be able to pick out the one or ones that apply to you so you can begin work on tackling it.

  1. Comparing Yourself To Others: Comparing one’s self to others is an unhealthy habit for some people. And the terrible thing is that they are comparing themselves based on criteria where they are often on the losing end. It’s like taking for granted all that is good in you and focusing on the qualities that you lack which others have. This habit only destroys your confidence with yourself and your abilities. Stop comparing yourself to other people if it will only make you feel small.

  2. Negative Self-talk: These are negative phrases and words that your inner dialogue uses when you think. Instead of using negative words or phrases, it is best to use positive or constructive ones. Not only will it increase your confidence, it can also help fix many emotional problems.

  3. Fear: It can steal some of your self-confidence. How? Whenever you feel fear, your subconscious mind tells you that you’re helpless even in certain harmless situations. And the more you feel helpless, the more your self confidence level goes down. However, you can still avoid it and make yourself more confident by learning how to face your fears.

  4. Poor Self-Image: Having a poor self image could be an underlying cause for lack of self-confidence. Do you find yourself more confident when wearing your best clothes? And do you feel less confident when wearing something else? If you answered yes to both questions, then your lack of confidence results from your poor self-image. To develop self-confidence, you need to fix your poor perception of yourself first.

  5. Self-Reinforcing Cycle: It’s not only the personality that affects behavior, but it’s also vice versa. If you behave in a non-assertive way, chances are you’ll be feeling less confident. This becomes a self-reinforcing cycle. Your decreasing self-confidence will make you act less and less assertive and then it weakens your confidence all the more. The good news is that you can turn this the other way around. Act assertive so that you will feel more and more confident then it strengthens your assertiveness.

  6. Perfectionism: Being a perfectionist often leads to a lack of self confidence. Setting impossible goals and very high standards only leads to frustration and disappointment. It will eventually degrade your self confidence if you always feel you’re not meeting your own goals and standards.

But Remember…

…that confidence tips are there to help you improve yourself, but they don’t work like magic. It takes time and effort for you to change the root cause of your lack of confidence. However, only by examining the root cause, can you begin to work on them.