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3 Reasons Someone Will Criticize You ...Even When NOTHING Is Wrong With You!

Have you been criticized by someone close to you?
Did you feel hurt?
And wonder why they were willing to say something to you ...that you would never say to them?

Here's my advice...

Be careful not to feel too bad when you are criticized. Why? Because it is often the person making the criticism that has the actual problem!

In this article i'm going to show you why people who are overly critical and sarcastic are often the ones who need help ...not those who they criticize.

What Motivates A Person To Make Critical Comments?

A well adjusted person will typically display balanced behavior. Sure, at times they may be critical or sarcastic ...BUT when critical comments and harsh sarcasm begin to dominate their interactions with people then this is not considered to be well adjusted behavior.

In particular, if their behavior is hurting those closest to them then they should seek help. So what is driving this outward sarcasm and criticism?‚Äč

  • Inferiority Complex: A confident person who sees themselves as a person of worth is full of positive thoughts and feelings. Meanwhile someone who feels a sense of inferiority has negative thoughts constantly running through their mind. The negative thoughts that come from this lack of self confidence can spill out to those around them in the form of criticism and negativity.

  • Manifestation Of Anger In Their Life: Have you ever had a bad day at work ...and while driving home honked the horn at someone who got in your way when usually you would never have done so? When you do this, you are allowing anger to control your outwardly actions and interactions with other people. Anger has the tendency to allow our negative side bubble to to the surface more easily.

    Some people pass through life with a constant sense of anger from past grievances and experiences. People end up angry at life because of unmet goals, emotional abuse, and frustration with how unfair they feel life is. They blame the world for their problems and carry this anger around in their daily life, often taking it out on those around them.

  • Childhood Programming: For many people who were harshly criticized as children, this negative and sarcastic attitude becomes part of an unconscious pattern in the persons life as an adult. The negative messages and patterns of interaction the child learned have turned into their standard mode of communication as an adult. 

As we can see, people who are always criticizing others often suffer from low self-confidence, poor communication skills, and a sense of victimization.

What should I do if I have this problem?

If this is the case, your first course of action is to address any inner problems so you can stop directing them outwards. You need to examine your inner emotional state and figure out why you are carrying such negative feelings in your heart.

Once you understand the roots of your anger and negativity then you can direct your energy to managing your inner demons. With this energy focused inwards (and on a positive goal) you will no longer direct criticism and sarcasm to those around you. Why? Because there will no longer be any need to do so.