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Practical Things To Do During The "No-Contact-Period" To Help Get Him Back

To get him back, you'll need to go through a set course of action, which I have proven down the years to be very successful. In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through the steps you should take after a break up to ensure you get him back and successfully induce love in him for you.

Firstly, if you've just been dumped, to get him back, you have employ the “No Contact Rule” This involves breaking all communication between you and your ex for 3 weeks starting now.

There are a number of reasons why this is powerful which I go through in detail in the book. This time away from your ex needs to be spent examining your boyfriends’ subconscious to find the REAL reason he broke up with you. Only then can you get him back.

But You Also Need To Engage In Some Practical Things Right Now

Right now, you're probably feeling depressed. This is neither good to experience nor helps you in any way get your ex back fact it hinders you because your ex is less likely to want you back if you're visibly depressed.

To help eliminate the depression and pain you are feeling you should start an exercise regime if you are medically able for it. Getting rid of this depression will also reduce any outwardly signs of neediness you may be expressing at the moment.


  • Reduces cortisol, a chemical in your bloodstream linked to stress

  • Helps you sleep better at night

  • Releases chemicals called endorphins that lift your mood

  • Distracts you from the situation with your ex

Exercise has many other benefits regarding your health but right now it will put you in a stronger frame of mind to help you get him back.

What else should i be doing?

To get him back, you have to show you have become less dependent on him. If you've left your social life dwindle over the course of your relationship with your boyfriend, you now need to work at re-building it. There are 3 main reasons why you should do this:

  1. First of all a woman that has friends is far more attractive than a woman who doesn't. You don't have to have an army; just even one or two would do so you can hang out with them. It will make you look less needy in your boyfriends’ eyes and shows that you don't depend on him to have a life.

  2. Friends are an important source of emotional support when going through a break up. Some girls mess this up when they look to their ex for emotional support after a break up which only further alienates their chances of being able to get him back.

  3. Like beginning an exercise regime, getting back out there with friends will take your mind off the current situation with your boyfriend. It will give some much-needed relief to your pain even if you will still be thinking about him.

From here you will be in a better position psychologically to work on examining the situation as I set out in my book. Working on things from a number of different angles and understanding how these fit together will help in ensuring you get him back and this time for good.

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