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Should I use jealousy as a tactic in getting back together with my ex?

Getting back together with an ex depends on how good your knowledge is of love and relationship psychology. A good knowledge means that you will know what to do, when to do it and how to execute it properly. Little knowledge or incorrect knowledge will most likely result in failure at getting back together with an ex.

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of sites on the internet that offer advice on relationships that is so wrong that in some cases its actually the complete opposite of what you should do. And no where does this manifest itself as much as when it comes to using jealousy as a tactic to get an ex back.

What do you mean?

How to use jealousy is perhaps one of the most incorrectly given pieces of advice available on the Internet on getting back together with an ex. Making your ex jealous might at best make him think you’re not interested in him anymore. At worst he'll dislike you even more and see you as someone that’s manipulative and plays games.

I always recommend being 100% available to your ex but at the same time let him see that others are interested in you. This balance is important when getting back together with an ex. You shouldn't be too available, as this will lower your value in his eyes. You must be available in the sense of:

  • Not getting a new boyfriend straight away BUT...

  • At the same time you should be friends with other guys.

Once you do this, without making it obvious that you're trying to make him jealous, he'll naturally find you attractive. Having others interested in you makes it much easier at getting back together with an ex.

This is because if others find you attractive then by the law of the crowd it must be fact that you're attractive. Others liking you is like a vote in your favour. If you don’t show too much interest in others he is more likely to respect you then if you outright tried to manipulate him. Getting back together with an ex depends on what you do and the skill with which you do it. Respect is key.

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