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How To Convince Him To Come Back - Using The 3 Principals Of Persuasion Psychology

How to make someone fall in love with you

Now, when I said convince him, I didn't mean that you will beg him to come back. That's just a big no no. Do not act out of desperation because that won't get you anywhere. It's very unattractive. You wouldn't want your ex to think that you are pathetic. Your relationship wouldn't work out if you got back together out of pity.

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What's even worse is if you try to beg him and he'll just run away from you. That's not something you wouldn't want to happen.Your ex might still be upset right now and wouldn't accept anything you say.

Convincing someone to believe you is a challenging task but is not impossible. You just have to know what you must do in order to succeed. There are several reasons why your ex would refuse to believe you.

What are they?

They are:

  • Opposing Beliefs: You believe that the best thing for the both of you is to to get back together, but he thinks otherwise.

  • Awareness: He knows you, your behavior and attitude. He broke up with you because of something you did or did not do and he just can't forget about it that easily.

  • Doubt: You made some mistakes along the relationship and he doubts you will ever change after the countless chances he has given you.

So how can i change his mind?

You may see the above-mentioned as obstacles but you can work around them through the following:

  • Disproving His Beliefs: Convince him that if others can change, so can you. Start with reflecting on your attitudes and eliminate the bad habits that you have. Change for the better and make him see how different you are right now from the person he left before.

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words: It's easy to tell your ex that you're a changed person, but proving it is a different thing. It's not enough to say what you mean. You must also mean what you say. You have to put into action the ideas that you want him to believe.

  • Commit: You can't just act like a changed a person and go back to your old ways after a few days. You'll not just make a fool out of your ex, but moreso, yourself. Commit to your transformation.

As you can see, there are three main components blocking him from believing you. You have to tackle and address each one of these components if you want to get him to change his mind. This is as opposed to "just hoping" that you manage to convince him. These are the exact areas you need to make sure you actively work on.

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