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How To Get An Ex Boyfriend Back - Using Sexual Attraction

Some research has shown that love can't occur between two people if there wasn't sexual attraction between the couple at the start of their relationship. Sexual attraction is important in being able to get an ex boyfriend back. When you feel sexually attracted to someone, hormones release in your body that causes you to feel good.

However, the mind thinks the good feelings are coming from their partner and not from the hormones themselves. This can make a person stay with their partner if the hormones are being constantly released as a result of being attracted to their partner. To get an ex boyfriend back, you must always look well and take care of yourself.

If you feel that you let some part of your looks go, then its necessary to address this in order to get an ex boyfriend back. Get back in shape and exercise. Exercise not only makes you fitter but the chemicals released in your body when you exercise will make you feel happier. By making you ex boyfriend attracted once again to you, the chemicals in his brain will be released again. This is crucial in being able to get an ex boyfriend back.

Using Smell To Get An Ex Boyfriend Back

You may or may not be in a situation to use your smell to influence your ex boyfriend. However, smell is a powerful way to get an ex boyfriend back. Studies have shown that when a person smells something nice, positive chemicals are released into the body making the person feel good. The person will subconsciously confuse the good feelings induced as a result of the smell and he'll think he is feeling good because he is with you.

If you know what perfumes or smells your ex likes, then wear these perfumes when you're around him. Again you may not be in a position to get close enough to him. However, smell has a strong effect of humans’ emotions and should be utilised if possible. Smell is a strong way of being able to get an ex boyfriend back.

Past fears may prevent you being able to get an ex boyfriend back

A person breaks up with their partner for a reason. To get an ex boyfriend back you must

  1. Find out what this reason was and

  2. Reassure them that this problem wont re-surface in the event of a reunion.

Fearing that an old problem will show its face again is one of the biggest bars to get an ex boyfriend back. Everyone has in their mind a list of things they would like their future partner to be like. It’s called a lovemap and a guy will not fall in love with a woman who doesn't meet certain specifications that are on his specific lovemap. Likewise a guy can fall out of love with a girl if he finds she longer fits his list. Find out what things he wants in life and what you may have done or said to violate this list.

I have on this website a number of psychological techniques on how to get an ex boyfriend back. I go through the full set in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" The more you do, the higher the chances will be that you'll get an ex boyfriend back.

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