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How To Get Him Back - Critical Text To Send Him If He Just Dumped You

Want to know how to get him back?
But don't know where to start?

To get your ex boyfriend back, you will have to send him one final text. NOT to beg him to change his mind, but instead you'll need to tell him that although you're disappointed with what’s happened, that maybe it’s for the best.

Tell him you wish him all the best in his future and hope you can both still be friends in the future. Then end the text. From here you will cease all communication between you and your ex for a period of 3 weeks. This accomplishes the following:

  1. You're no longer needy. You demonstrate that, yes you're disappointed but the world hasn't ended or anything and you look forward to what the future can now bring you. He'll begin to wonder if you're starting to move on already.

  2. Cutting off communication helps you get your ex boyfriend back because it puts you as the one in control. This will be a major roles reversal for your boyfriends psyche because he no longer has you in his pocket.

  3. Cutting off communication for such a long time will make him receptive to re-opening conversation after it.

But what if he contacts me between now and then?

If he does - don't engage in conversation with him. Say hello but say you've got to go. Say you're doing something important and that you'll give him a shout sometime. Then hang up.

Again this will put you in control and take him down from the high stool he is currently on. He'll begin to wonder what’s so important that you can't even talk to him.

Essentially, you will begin to be set up as a challenge in his mind. Now the groundwork has been laid to get your ex boyfriend back and inducing feelings in him for you.

But maybe he wants to get back with me!?

After almost every break up the guy that dumped you will throw out a feeler to see if you still care about him. He does it for his ego and also as confirmation that if he wanted to in the future, he could just say the word and get you hooked again.

It’s like a submarine sending out sonar to see if that other submarine is still following. Once he gets confirmation that he still has you:

  1. He’ll throw you back again and

  2. You’ll be in a worse off position than ever of getting your ex boyfriend back.

Don't fall for this common trick. You will need to do some work in the intervening 3 weeks to make sure he falls back in love with you. I go through this in detail in the book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology".

In trying to get your ex boyfriend back, its not enough to just make him miss you. You will have to find out the core reasons he wanted to breakup with you. I will show you how to scan his subconscious to find this reason or reasons and solve them. This will make getting you ex boyfriend back practically guaranteed.

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