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What's a "lovemap" and how can it get my ex boyfriend back?

How to get my ex boyfriend back! I miss him so much!

I've explained before that people fall for people who match a list of components they have in their mind. This list contains the requirements that a person must satisfy in order to be considered a potential partner. This list is crucial to being able to get your ex boyfriend back.

This is the blueprint of love and what is known as the persons lovemap. The thing about a person lovemap is that if someone doesn't match it - they can never love them!

But because you once had a relationship with your boyfriend, this means that you passed the components of his lovemap. Otherwise you wouldn't have been his girlfriend. However something must have changed that caused the break up. Either:

  1. His lovemap changed or

  2. You changed

A major reason for relationships breaking down is that both parties are only on their best behaviour at the start of a relationship.

They give their most in the beginning to attract their partner. However, slowly over time, they revert back to that person they really are. If this happened in your situation, then your boyfriends’ subconscious may have no longer considered you to be matching his lovemap. This would have caused him to fall out of love with you.

How does this help me get my ex boyfriend back?

So how do I get my ex boyfriend back? The secret is in knowing what attracted him to you in the first place. Once you know what he liked about you then you need to be doing these same how to get my ex boyfriend backthings once again. If your boyfriend liked you because he thought you were beautiful, then taking care of your appearance should have been one of your priorities in your relationship.

If you've put on weight or if you don’t get your hair done anymore, you should fix these things now in order to make him like you again. This is just one example. Maybe he liked you because you are socialable, intelligent, or persistent but over time you let these key qualities dwindle. Basically, when you begin to behave in a manner that lets one of those items on his lovemap die, then love itself will die also.

In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through step by step the hidden items that people can have on their lovemap. Sometimes a person can satisify a component without even knowing what it was. If they let this quality go and got dumped, they will be flummoxed as they why the relationship has ended. Having a good knowledge of your boyfriends specific lovemap requirements and working now to re-match it, will enable you to get your ex boyfriend back.

I need to find my positives again to get my ex boyfriend back?

Yes. You need to bring yourself back to that person you were when you first started dating your ex. Knowing the things that attracted him to you in the first place may take some detective work on your part.

A big reason why people cheat is because they meet someone new that passes the components of their lovemap while their old partners didn't. If this has happened in your case, it becomes important that you get those qualities back now.

It doesn't mean that you must change who you are. It only means you must become a better, more attractive, version of you to your boyfriend. "How to get my ex boyfriend back" is one of those common questions I often get asked. I haven't listed everything you should do here, but doing this much will increase your chances significantly of getting your ex back.