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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - By Examining His Past

Ok, so you need to get your ex boyfriend back. First, you need to examine why you love your ex boyfriend so as to get a better understanding of the situation.

Generally people fall in love with people who are a match to a stored list in their minds known as the lovemap. Your ex boyfriend has one such list. Since when we were little, we started to create a subconscious list of things that any person we would consider going out with should satisfy.

This list was a crucial factor that made your ex boyfriend fall in love with you in the first place. Everyone is brought up different and so every ones lovemap varies to a point from the next. Your ex boyfriends:

  • Culture

  • Neighbourhood

  • Past experiences

  • Experiences as a young child

  • Relationship with his parents and friends etc

all combine to shape this subconscious list. It has the hidden code that makes him love someone else. My book called “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” describes how its possible to make anyone love you simply by scanning your ex boyfriends lovemap and then matching it so you'll become a good match together.

So I can get my ex boyfriend back using this list?

Yes. If he ever fell for you, even for a few seconds, then this means that you matched his lovemap. A person can’t fall for another person that wasn't a match of his or her lovemap. So if you can satisfy the specifications of his particular lovemap, then you will be able get your ex boyfriend back and make him love you once again.

You also need to be aware that the specifications on your ex boyfriends lovemap might have changed, for whatever reason and then this could have stopped him loving you because you no longer matched it. To get your ex boyfriend back, you must seek out what has changed and adjust yourself accordingly to match his lovemaps specifications again.

Your ex boyfriend may have broke up with you for the opposite reason too. Sometimes the person's lovemap haven't changed but its you who has changed and he may have found that you no longer were a good match for him. This will take some self-evaluation on your part, as you must find out how you violated his lovemaps specifications and adjust yourself accordingly to re-match it again.

None of this means that you'll have to change the essence of who you are just to get your ex boyfriend back. No. You just need to compromise enough to be a better match together.

Matching your ex boyfriends lovemap again

Lets take an example of this:

  • A guy loved a girl because she matched the specifications on his lovemap.

  • His specifications included that he wants to spend most of his time together with a partner like in past relationships he has had.

  • However the girl then began to become more unavailable and hanging out with her friends some weekends instead of him.

Here, after the relationship has gone on for a while, the girl violated the guys lovemap. Overtime the guy will begin to get tired of her attitude and he will sooner or later stop loving her. If she knew that she violated his lovemaps specifications, she could just change her attitude enough to match his lovemap again and he'd be able to love her again.

Falling in love has rules. It’s not an accidental process and neither is it something that’s uncontrollable. Logical rules do apply contrary to popular belief as portrayed on TV or cinema. If you learn these rules you'll be able to get your ex boyfriend back much easier than you realise.

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