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How To Get Your Man Back - Using Psycho Analysis

How to make someone fall in love with you

To get your man back it's important you have good knowledge of psychology. This is because; to get your man back you must to be able to understand him correctly. I want to tell you a story:

One of my friends really hates his job. He used to tell me how he hated getting up in the morning and going there and felt almost sick on a Sunday night before his working week started.

Whenever he told his family about this they just told him to put up with it because everyone feels the same and not to complain. Unfortunately this response reflected how little they understood him. Their answer didn't solve his problem.

So what has this to do with trying to get your man back? Well, to be able to get your man back its important you don't make the same mistakes everyone else makes when they try to figure someone else out.

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Get your man back by understanding him better

In the above example, my friends' family told him that everyone feels the same way and that he should just put up with his situation. This is a basic flaw in most peoples thinking. Here they make the assumption that every one is the same. In reality, everyone isn't the same. Understanding this is key in being able to get your man back. Lets take the following situation:

If a white guy grew up having both white and black friends, he would like the company of black people and find them good company. If another guy grew up only having white friends but associated black people with crime from watching TV etc, then he would grow up disliking black people.

So what would happen if the two guys in my examples met? The second man would think the first is mad for being friends with black people because he would have associated black people with negativity in his mind. He would think this despite never having been friends with a black person!

His own mentality of course wouldn't enable him to understand the first guy. This is simply because his mindset is completely different. In trying to get your man back you must not judge your ex from your own perspective.

Using emotions to get your man back

Not everyone has the same amount of tolerance when dealing with a negative situation. Some people can put up with more adversity than others. Not realising this is another common flaw people make. To get your man back, you'll need to address the difference in tolerances between you and your ex. Lets take an example:

  • A girl didn't mind much staying in on Saturday nights with her boyfriend

  • Her boyfriend liked going out and felt suffocated after only a few hours of staying in.

  • The girl didn't realise how much this bothered him and so asked him to stay in together regardless most weekends.

  • The guy eventually got tired of this and broke up with her. He had just stopped loving her and wanted to move on.

In this example the girl would not know the real reason she was dumped. She would assume that because it didn't bother her much staying in a Saturday night then it mustn't have bothered her boyfriend much either. In trying to get your man back, see if you are guilty of this. If the girl in the example ever tried to get him back she would never address this problem and so the relationship would be doomed to fail again.

To get your man back you not only have to set yourself in his shoes but also you have to feel his emotions. Humans like logic and when faced with a problem, we tend to rush into trying to solve things using only our own perspective. As a result people often misunderstand others intentions. To get your man back, exercise a more rounded way of thinking. Live your exs past, his thoughts and his emotions.

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