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Damage Limitation Plan For Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

I want my ex boyfriend back!
What should I do?

You're probably aware of the logic behind not wanting to make things worse right now in trying to get your ex boyfriend back. It makes perfect sense. But in saying that, most people don't know what constitutes making things worse and what would make things better.

With this said, you have most probably already made things worse in your attempt to get your ex boyfriend back. If you've pleaded or bargained too much, it’s hardly likely to have given him much respect for you. In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through the steps you need to take following a break up in order to give yourself the maximum chance possible of being able to get your ex boyfriend back.

Crucially, I go through the things you shouldn't do to try and get your ex boyfriend back. The reason most women fail in trying to get their boyfriend back is because anything you do right now will come from an area of neediness and insecurity after being dumped. Neediness and insecurity are not attractive traits and right now you don't want to come across as unattractive to your ex.

Things not to do to get your ex boyfriend back

Beware of further alienating your boyfriend in the hours and days after the break up. You can make things worse by:

  • Showing him your pain.

  • Showing him your anger.

  • Trying to manipulate him or make him jealous.

  • By otherwise being pathetic and lame.

In trying to get your ex boyfriend back, its important to know this: When a guy breaks up with a girl, the guy will inevitably question to one degree or another if he was right to breakup with you. He came up with a decision all on his own and followed through on it. He will now want confirmation that he was right to do it. Its human nature. In other words he will be looking to see if you are lost and pathetic now so he will know that he was right not to want to be with someone like you.

If however you showed that you handled the break up well and you showed strength, his subconscious will begin to question if he was right to dump you. We want to ensure that this confusion occurs. Its key in being able to get your ex boyfriend back. Logic dictates that a person who has just been dumped should be down and out. This is what he will reason. However, if you are strong and mature after the break up, it will completely call into question his decision to breakup with you.

What you should do to get your ex boyfriend back

To get your ex boyfriend back, you need to put a bit of space and time between both of you. Constant:

  • Texting

  • Phone calls

  • And emails

are a no no. Again, doing these comes from a place of neediness. Also if your ex boyfriend knows that he has you in his pocket, he’s less likely to want to get back with you because you are zero challenge to him.

You need to adopt a frame of mind that yes you are disappointed about the break up but it’s not the end of the world and maybe its for the best. This is what you must convey to get your ex boyfriend back. Once you have shown him this, you will need to cut off all communication with him for 3 weeks. Why 3 weeks? Its a measure of time that will cause your ex boyfriend to miss you, but not forget about you and move on.

I go through the complete process and steps required in the book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" If you can't afford the book, I have on this website a few sample ways that will help you for starters to get your ex boyfriend back. Suffice to say that right now, the most important thing you should do is not make things worse. Then take it from there.

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