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Why did my boyfriend dump me?

My boyfriend just dumped me!
Why did he dump me!?

Even if he gave you a reason for the breakup, this reason may not be the real one. So if you base any getting back with him strategy on a false reason – you’re going nowhere. This is one of the most common reasons for failure.

You need to see past any reasons he gave you for the breakup and analyse his lovemap. Therein lies what you need to work on. General reasons for breakups can include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Lack of communication or too much of it: An open and honest communication is vital in any given relationship. There are women who are not able to express their thoughts well enough while others are just really plain talkers they can become irritating to men when they talk non-stop. You’ve got to be the kind of girl who knows when to talk and knows when to zip your mouth and listen to your man. Words of affection play a great role for your partner to feel secure and loved. He doesn’t need a story-teller girlfriend who will amuse him from dawn to dusk talking about things and people he doesn’t even know.

  2. Nagging: They have their moms to do that. So they don’t need a girlfriend to do the same. Other girls feel all too confident and demanding of their boyfriends especially when the relationship is long established. Girlfriends can become controlling and they impose too many rules that men feel choked and tangled. The more you tighten your grip of your boyfriend, the more he will try to shake free from your grasp. So allow him some freedom that do not cross over and ruin the boundaries of your relationship.

  3. Too clingy: Space is good for you and your boyfriend. If you make him feel that you couldn’t live if he ever left you, that would scare him. And possibly make him plan on breaking up with you. Sweet clingy is good for a relationship. However if your boyfriend sees that you are too dependent on him, it could make you look like a charity case. And not as a partner who will be with him in a mutual give and take relationship. Your actions should speak for themselves and say that you can function just fine in his absence.

  4. Third party: In a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, three is a crowd. This can be the most painful reason for being dumped. However it doesn’t have to spell the end of your hopes at getting him back. In my book I show how to make an ex fall in love with you even if they have already started dating someone else. You just need to treat their new girlfriend as mere background noise and proceed with the system I show in the book.

My boyfriend just dumped me - what should i do?

When a person has been dumped the natural reaction is to keep trying to get them back in the belief that they have to SOMETHING right now.

The reality is that you should be doing nothing right now. In My book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology”, I show the importance of cutting off all contact after a breakup for a period of about 3 weeks. Doing this time I show you what you need to do to allow you to psychologically get inside your ex boyfriends mind and make him fall for you.

I also show why you need to analyse your boyfriend's particular lovemap as this is often behind the reasons why people break up with their partner. Basically a lovemap is a list of the things a person subconsciously wants in a partner. The good news is that because you both went out together, then you passed the specifications on his lovemap at one point. But now something’s changed. And this is what I want to show you how to rectify in my book.

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