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Get Girlfriend Back Now Info - 6 Part Checklist

Admitting that you want to get girlfriend back in your life is a normal feeling and should not hurt your ego. It’s normal to miss someone and wish everything to be back the same way when you first started the relationship. But if you truly want to get her back and keep your relationship, you must act on it and stop just wishing.

Acting on getting her back doesn’t mean forcing her to get back to you. You must have a proper plan and take effective actions. You need to give her reasons to want you back, not more reasons to think breaking up with you was a good idea after all.

Steps to Get Your Girlfriend Back

Follow these steps one by one so you get her back:

  1. Break contact: Avoid contacting her for at least a few weeks. Or if you live in the same area or work together, reduce the amount of time you spend with her. This step is not the simplest thing to do. It will hurt and you may even hate doing it because you’ll miss her more. But when you think about it, this strategy can make her miss you too. That’s why arguing and constantly asking for another chance doesn't work. Not giving her the opportunity to feel alone, won't make her realize your value, especially if you still continue being there for her after the break up.

  2. Evaluate your relationship and analyze what you did wrong: Even if she caused the reason for the break up, still think of the mistakes you've made that made her do those things. Figure out her real reasons for not wanting you back. Women usually don’t leave a relationship as long as they are still attracted to their partner. If you think this is the case, find ways to make yourself more attractive so she will feel attracted to you again.

  3. Stop doing the obvious mistakes you've done in the past: If you know the obvious reasons why she left you, the most logical thing to do is avoid making the same mistakes again. However, stop calling her and telling her that you've already changed. She might not believe you and only get annoyed instead. Be patient and let her notice it herself. Even if you’re not seeing each other, words will get to her from other people.

  4. Start getting your life back: Let’s face it, men and women alike don’t like a partner who is needy or desperate. So, stop chasing her and go out with your friends instead. Have fun but make sure to avoid drinking too much and getting drunk. Why? You might lose your self-control and start calling her again. And when she knows that you’ve been over drinking, she may think you’re definitely not worth keeping.

  5. After a month, try contacting her and have a light conversation: But be advised not to talk about your past relationship. Or be a complete jerk bragging about how many women you're dating or have slept with. Be honest and sincere that you just want to see how she’s doing or something like that. Just keep it light so you avoid getting into an argument with her. And do not start begging for her to take you back again as you’ll only look desperate.

  6. Try to start a good friendship again: Once a contact between the two of you has been re-established, let her know that you don't want to lose your great friendship. Then once she agrees with you, do your best to make the friendship blossom again into a new relationship. You should already know by now that the best relationships are those founded on good friendship.

If you carefully follow these steps and carry out your plan, getting another date with her will come. But don’t pressure her on the first date to get back with you. Waiting for a few more dates won’t hurt. Besides, if you can get a second and a third date with her, it’s a sure sign that she is already considering getting back with you.

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