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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - By Using Her Vulnerability Against Her

Yes, i know it sounds dirty, but the reality is that she dumped you you're not entirely unjustified in at least looking at this option.

When a woman dumps her boyfriend, she will automatically look for validation that she took the right decision. In fact, both guys and girls do this. Its universal to both sexes.

She decided to breakup with her partner and went through with it. That’s a big decision to make. If she thinks for one second that she possibly made the wrong decision, she'll become vulnerable. And this is where you can capitalize.


Well, firstly lets look at the vulnerabilities themselves:

  • Vulnerability#1 Loss of support: She invested time and emotion into the relationship and now she's lost that. She must now start all over again. She said she doesn’t want to go out with you anymore, but she'll still misses the support you brought to her life. Capitalizing on this is key to get your ex girlfriend back.

  • Vulnerability#2 Reduced self confidence: If you show yourself to be strong after a break up (which you should be doing if you followed my book) it will take her down from her high stool. If she sees you broken after a break up it will give her a confidence boost because it means she has power to destroy a man.

    If however, you're not broken, it will reduce her self confidence because it shows she is not as important as she thought she was. You can use this reduced self confidence to your advantage when trying to get your ex girlfriend back. You will have to hold off on trying to get her back until you know she has become emotionally re-attached to you.

  • Vulnerability#3 No boyfriend anymore: Women enjoy having a boyfriend on their arm to show off to everyone. No girl wants to be single. If all her friends have boyfriends, she will feel vulnerable being out in their presence because it reminds her she hasn't anyone.

    Worse yet, she will worry about the possibility that you could go off and get a new girlfriend. This is why it's important not to let your ex think that you are still in her pocket after the break up. If she knows she could get you any time she wanted, it reduces her vulnerability considerably making it more difficult for you to get your ex girlfriend back.

Take Advantage Of These

Knowing her vulnerabilities will give you confidence in being able to get your ex girlfriend back. Right now, she's in your mind as "the treasure", the most important thing there is. This is not good for you. And what's more is that you have probably been outwardly showing this to her unintentionally ruining your chances of being able to get your ex girlfriend back.

When a woman goes out with a man for at least a couple of months, a bond will have been formed. Even if she was the one that ended things, she'll have some uncertainty in her thoughts if the relationship is really over or not. She'll hate you one second and love you the next remembering the happy times you both shared together.

Knowing that she has these vulnerabilities and capitalizing on them is key in being able to get your ex girlfriend back. Cutting contact for the next 3 weeks (as i advise in my book THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology), only exacerbates these vulnerabilities ...making it easier to get her back when you do initiate contact after the 3 weeks are up.

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