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How To Get A Girl Back - By Denying Her Sexual Power Over You

One major difference between guys who can get a girl back and guys who can’t is that the successful guys don't let themselves be controlled by a womans sexual power. If a woman knows she's got sexual power over a guy, then he is immediately on the back foot and at her mercy.

She knows she controls him and you can believe me - she will use that power. As well as this, if a woman knows she holds the power than it makes you zero challenge from her viewpoint.

It's like you're too easy and she'd achieve no satisfaction in being able to get you. If you're viewed like this at the moment, it will act as a bar in being able to get a girl back.

How does this help get a girl back?

Right now, how does your ex see you? I ask this because how an ex sees you is directly related to your chances of getting her back:

  • Does she look at you with admiration and respect?

  • Or does she look at you as someone she can easily control just because she’s a woman and therefore makes you too easy?

If you think you have given too much power to your partner, then you will need to remedy that situation now to recover things. In part of my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through the things you shouldn't do after a break up that would give an unhealthy amount of control to your partner and stop her from ever wanting you back.

If you can show her that she has no sexual power anymore over you, she will naturally hold you with respect because you are not a weak individual anymore. To get a girl back you'll have to rid yourself of this weak image she holds of you.

You Need To Become A Challenge

Women don't want to feel they are going out with a guy that if she cast him off; he wouldn't have a hope of getting someone new in the near future. If she held the power in the relationship, then over time she'd inevitably have lost respect for you. Also, her power has been added to by virtue of the fact that she was the one who dumped you, meaning you're in even worse straits now. Thankfully however, this can be recovered.

Your first step to remove her power is to cut off all communication with her for 3 weeks. I go through why and how in my book but basically this is your first show of strength against her since the break up. After a break up she would reason that because you were weak, you should keep ringing her and trying to get back with her. However, by cutting off communication you are showing you are not weak and can take control.

And DON'T Be "Friends"...

If you agree to be friends with your ex after a break up, what you are in essence doing is making the break up easier on her! This is a little known fact in break up psychology. When a girl breaks up with a guy, she will naturally feel a sense of loss. She's losing an intimate person in her life and she now has to face the world alone again.

Even if she's very good looking and you think she'd have no problem finding another guy I can assure you she will be feeling vulnerable after the break up. She probably asked you to be friends when she broke up with you. This wasn't just some piece of obligatory manners on her part, she asked you because she wants to remain on good terms with you so that if she couldn't find a new partner soon she would still have you as an option to her.

You should tell her you want to be friends but then cut off communication like I said. You should do this so she doesn't have you in her life for emotional comfort after the break up. She won't know where you are or who you're with during this cut off period making her feel even more vulnerable. This vulnerability makes it easier to get a girl back.

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