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How to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend - Using Reverse Psychology

How to make someone fall in love with you

You might be perplexed right now with thinking about how to get back with your ex girlfriend. Dozens of articles about how to get back with your ex girlfriend can be found on the Internet. And while some methods they teach you are effective, most are not.

Why? Well simply because they are not based on a proper knowledge of psychology. And no other method carries such weigh as that of reverse psychology.

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Reverse psychology is a term that refers to doing things that are exactly the opposite of what you really want to have. This has been proven to be of great help to those who want to get back with their exes.

Applying Reverse Psychology In Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Women, just like men, also have egos. They feel in control when men run after them and feel insecure when they get ignored. Your ex probably knows that you want her back. She probably expects you to beg on your knees just for her to take you back.

But she doesn’t trust you right now and feels you are insincere. She is sure that you will do and tell her anything just to get back with her. And so she always keeps her guard up. In order for you to bring down that guard, you must do exactly the opposite of what she’s expecting you to do.

Here are some key points on how to use reverse psychology on your ex:

  • Treat your ex nicely: Be polite and make her feel that you are not affected at all by the break up.

  • Act cool: Make it seem like it’s fine with you whether or not you get back together. She’ll be definitely puzzled with your behavior to the point that she’ll soon start thinking if you’ve already lost your love for her. And this will make any woman get worried. But right now - don’t make any obvious gestures or statements that you want her back.

  • Stay away from her: Reject her calls and ignore her IMs and text messages. Don’t always be there for her when she needs you. This way, she’ll miss the times when you were always there by her side, supporting, encouraging and believing in her. How you were her strength when she felt really weak.

  • Get busy: Start a new hobby or hit the gym. Engage in activities that will help you keep your mind off your ex and help you stay away from her.

Final thought on getting back an ex girlfriend

If you want reverse psychology to work for you, you must be able to control yourself from giving in to your urges of communicating with her or pleading her to come back.

In using this technique, you should know when to stop. If you try to play mind games with her for over a period of time, she might actually believe that you are okay and that she has to move on with her life.

If you feel that the timing is right, stop using the reverse psychology on her and tell her how you really feel about her. If she still loves you, she’ll be more than happy and contented to have you back and continue building your future together.

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