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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Why The Next 3 Weeks Are So Crucial

In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through step by step the things you must do to get an ex girlfriend back. If she has just dumped you, I explain the necessity of cutting off all communication with her now and the best way to do that. You'll have to maintain this cut off for about 3 weeks.

Why? Well if she knows she still has you in her pocket after she's just dumped you, it makes you so little of a challenge that why would she want you back? Cutting off communication portrays you in a strong confident light and I’m sure you know that women like strong, confident men. Would she have dumped a strong confident man?

So how does this help me to get ex girlfriend back?

During these 3 weeks you'll need to do some work on rebuilding the way your ex sees you. I go through this in the book. With this done, you'll have a greatly improved chance of being able to get your ex girlfriend back. Then, after the 3 weeks are up, you'll re-engage her and make contact.

She'll naturally be curious to hear from you and want to chat with you. But here’s the key thing: she'll be sounding you out to see if you're over her or if you're still the dead beat guy she thought you were when she dumped you. She'll be looking for validation of the decision she took to dump you. HOWEVER if you don't give her this validation, she'll subconsciously be forced to wonder if she was right to breakup with you.

You mustn't be too eager on this phone call or meeting. Play it cool, have a simple chat (not related to the break up) and end by saying something like "I'll give you a call some other day, talk to ya anyway" or something along those lines. Basically what you must do is have a friendly conversation with her without coming across as needy and eager to get back with her.

So what do I do after that to get ex girlfriend back?

Up until now, if you followed my advice you'll have achieved the following:

  • She'll miss being able to talk with you and be delighted you gave her a shout after so long.

  • She'll feel she no longer has control over you or hasn't got you in her pocket. Why? Because you seem cool with the break up. This has taken away her control and brought her back down to earth.

  • She'll start to question if she made a mistake breaking up with you because you seem so strong and "with it" even after being dumped. Your stronger than she thought you were.

  • She'll start developing feelings for you again and start thinking on how she can get back together with you.

From this position, it’s important not to falter because you have laid the groundwork for feelings to develop. I go through in my book what needs to be done to ensure these renewed feelings turn to love. You're no longer talking to her from a position of neediness but from a position where she can respect and admire you.

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