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How To Get Her Back ...If You Don’t Have Lots Of Money Or Material Things

Well, it’s not necessary to actually have wealth or resources now, its just necessary to aspire to have these things. In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I show that women who are interested in material things, like say money, are not only attracted to the men who have wealth. They are also attracted to the men who have ambition and who show a determination to acquire wealth.

Ambition to acquire wealth and actually having wealth itself are treated in the same way in a womans psychological make up. Ambition is a key quality if you want to get her back. If you didn't show it before, then it’s essential to show it now. Studies on dating sites have shown that women look for men who have ambitions for the future and an outlook on life.

This is the key element that almost all woman want in a man. Therefore you don’t actually need wealth, a big house or resources. To get her back, you just need to show the quality of ambition. Because its this quality that is able to bring about wealth.

Get her back by projecting positive qualities

The qualities of:

  • Ambition

  • Persistence

  • And intelligence

make a man very attractive in a woman's eyes. This is because these are the traits of wealthy successful people. In other words they are the foundation blocks of what she needs in a man. To get her back, you need to adopt these characteristics in everything you do. Fortunately it’s not difficult to learn to project yourself as having these qualities. I go through this in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology"

Women naturally need a man that makes them feel safe. This is why women are drawn to strong men rather then weak men. To get her back it doesn't mean you must have muscles however. You only have to project the image of strength in the way you carry your body. You should always make sure to stand and sit with a straight back. Slouching makes a person looks weak and if you do it continuously - women will think you are weak.

And remember...

Women don’t dump a man for another man. They dump a man for another lifestyle - one that you didn't look like you would provide.

I've only touched on a few examples here but to get her back, you must show her that you are the man that can provide for her. Find out what caused her to break up with you and fix it. Attraction must be re-created. Her knowing that you've changed is the only way to get her back.

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