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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - By Analysing Her Personality

In trying to get your ex girlfriend back, there’s no one solution that can fix every guys situation. This is because different women respond in different ways to different things. If you got this wrong in your relationship and expected your girlfriend to be impressed by things that didn't impress her at all, it may be the reason for your eventual dumping.

In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through in detail, psychological techniques that have been proven to make a person fall in love with you including an ex who dumped you. However in this article, i'd just like to focus on The DISC System and how you can use this to get your ex girlfriend back.

Understanding The DISC System allows us to figure out the main personality type your ex falls under. By doing this, we can better figure her out and what needs to be done accordingly to get her back. Women can be categorised via The DISC System. She may have either a:

  • Dominant Personality

  • Influencial Personality

  • Supporter Personality

  • Conservative Personality

Whatever quadrant of The Disc System the girl falls into (i.e. whichever of the four personality types best describes her), basically gives us information about her such as:

  • What turns her on the most,

  • What she looks for in a guy

  • ...And what she doesn't want in a guy (which incidentally may be what caused her to fall out of love with you and breakup with you).

Now every girl will have a percentage of each personality type (guys do too) but it’s the over-riding personality type that best describes your ex that you need to focus on to get her back. Here I want to focus on just one - the Dominant personality quadrant.

Getting a Girl Back Who Has a Dominant Personality Type

First you can only get your ex girlfriend back by knowing which personality type she falls in (I show in The Lovemap Code program how to find this out). If she has an Influencial or Supporter personality type, then it'd be more appropriate to work on things that appeals to a person who falls into those categories.

Girls with a Dominant personality type however, are girls that place a high amount of value on control and action ...and tend to have large egos and be strong-willed and decisive.

  • They respond well to getting results and being in a position of power.

  • They respond badly to losing control or being made to not feel powerful.

With this said, a big reason a girl within the Domiant personality quadrant could dump a guy is if he didn't make her feel powerful.

This is contrary to many "alpha male" seduction guides you might find in the shops which tell you that the guy should always "take control" and be "dominant". These qualities might bring How to get your ex girlfriend backsome good results if you were dating say a Supporter or a Conservative ...but with a Dominant personalty type they'd actually do more harm than good.

This is why you should never listen to generic advice on "how to get an ex back" or "how to make someone attracted to you" etc. because advice needs to be tailored to the individual person's DISC quadrant and as I also show in The Lovemap Code - their specific lovemap.

How to use this to get your ex girlfriend back

If you think the above applies to you, then to get your ex girlfriend back you will need to take immediate action to remedy the things that have become unattractive about you. In trying to get a girl back who is within the Dominant personality quadrant, making sure the woman feels in control, and in power are crucial. We're not talking about you becoming a wuss or anything ...we're just talking about satisfying her need to feel in power ...which if you didn't, would be a bar to them ever falling in love with you.

Addressing a girls specific personality quadrant is only one part of trying to get your ex girlfriend back however. I go through the full system you need to adopt in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology". Suffice to say that the more principals you adopt, the easier it will become to get your ex girlfriend back.