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How To Get Your Girlfriend Back - Using Your Belief System

The subconscious mind combined with your belief system play a vital role if you want to get your girlfriend back. But what do these mean and how do they come into play? You probably have mental thoughts such as these:

  • They are "the one"

  • Love only happens once

  • I can't achieve that thing

  • I'm not good enough to get with that very good-looking person

  • It's impossible to make someone love you

So what do these mental thoughts that flash back and forth inside your mind mean? - They are your belief system. They are the things you believe to be true. It doesn't mean that they are true, it just means you hold on to them causing you to believe them.

Understanding your belief system to get your girlfriend back

Your beliefs are formed when ideas bypass you on the conscious level and go directly to the subconscious mind. Its like when a person is being hypnotised. The hypnotiser speaks to the subconscious but the person is not aware of this.

Your belief system is built up from hearing information from trusted sources i.e. your parents. Lets say your mother or father always said that you're good looking. You would accept and believe this. And consequently you would feel confident and secure in yourself. Unfortunately if they told you constantly that you're useless and a fool, you would grow up believing this too.

Even if it weren’t true, you would still remember it anytime something didn't work out the way you wanted it to and attribute it to you being a fool. Your subconscious would be looking for clues in life to back up the claim that your parents were right. If you have been particularly affected you will start picking up clues where there are in fact no clues at all.

So how does this get your girlfriend back?

Your belief system is so important that it can affect your life. If you have some belief about you that is affecting your self confidence then you will need to examine this if you want to get your girlfriend back.

If you have a belief system that believes in the idea of she being "the one" or your "soul mate" you should challenge these, as they will only make you feel sad about the break up. They will also make being able to get your girlfriend back harder as you'll be so needy of them.

To appear as strong an individual as possible to your ex right now, you will need to challenge any negative false beliefs about yourself. I'm sure you've heard that women love confidence in a man so if you want to get your girlfriend back, you will need to display an improved level of this self confidence.

The more a person challenges any false beliefs they have, the more they will weaken the false beliefs and free themselves from their negativity.

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