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How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend - Using The Lovemap DISC

If you want to know how to win back your ex girlfriend, you need to be aware of a few thing about:

  • Your ex’s psychology (such as her emotional and personality makup)

  • Female psychology in general

In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” I go through the exact steps you should take after a breakup to guarantee success. One of the areas I cover is how to examine your exs emotional personality type to determine how you can best re-attract her and make her fall in love with you.

People can be divided into 4 categories depending on their personality type and emotional make up. They are a:

  1. Dominant personality type

  2. Influencial personality type

  3. Supporter personality type

  4. Conservative personality type

Now your ex will have a percentage of each of these personality types but it’s the personality type that’s most dominant in her that we're after.

How do i know which personality type applies to my ex girlfriend?

I show how this is done in one section of The Lovemap Code program. But i'll give you a quick guide here. Basically, you need to ask these 2 questions about your ex:

  1. Is she DOMINANT or EASY-GOING?: Did she always want to be in charge, in the lime-light and did you find her taking things over? Or did she have a more laid-back, relaxing, don’t mind, complying attitude?

  2. Is she PEOPLE ORIENTED or TASK ORIENTED?: In other words, did she seem more comfortable dealing with tasks, schedules, objects, projects, and results? Or was she more comfortable dealing with people, groups and peers?

If she is:

Task Orientated + Dominant = Dominant

People Orientated + Dominant = Influencer

People Orientated + Easy-Going = Supporter

Task Orientated + Easy-Going = Conservative

Now that you know which personality type she best falls into, you can use this to figure out the main needs, wants and desires a person of this personality type most needs. This is because different personality types have different wants, needs and desires associated with them.

I reveal the wants, needs and desires associated with each personality type in The Lovemap Code program. This is crucial to getting her back AND as i show in the program making her fall in love with you.

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