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How To Win Her Back - By Matching Her Lovemap

Want to know how to win her back? But don't know the best route to take?

Read this...

Everyone has in their mind a list of specifications they would like to have in a potential partner. This is called a person's "lovemap". If a person doesn't fit this list, it effectively acts as a bar to ever loving them. If however a good number of the specifications on the lovemap are satisfied, then the building blocks of love can be laid.

The specifications on a persons lovemap are unique to that individual but there are common specifications that almost everyone has. Your ex girlfriend almost certainly has this one - values and beliefs. To win her back, you'll need to examine both hers and yours.

There's a natural connection between individuals who share common values and views of the world as each other. What does this mean? People divide up the world in their mind, from unofficial divisions such as race and class divisions to economic and life style differences. They divide up the world so as to see what part of it they fit into. The subconscious mind does it for practicality and comfort reasons.

So how does this help me win her back?

Over the course of the relationship, she might have realized that you weren't in tune with her. Did your views of:

  • Politics

  • Love

  • Money

  • Child rearing

  • The future etc.

differ too much from hers? Maybe it wasn't an issue at the beginning of the relationship but as time went on she started to question if you would make a good life partner.

How to win her backBeing at one with what your ex thinks and feels is crucial to win her back. It doesn't mean you have to completely change yourself, but it just means you need to change small parts so that you fit her lovemap. Right now, her subconscious has rejected you and you need to try and figure what what’s barring you from being accepted by it.

Once you find this out, to win her back, you need to demonstrate to your ex that you're a match for her values and beliefs. She might have told you she broke up with you for a different reason but such reasons are often made up to cover over the real reason for breaking up. It will require some detective work on your part and thinking back to how you both differed in the way you looked at things. But once done, it’s a key aid in being able to win her back.