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How should I re-initiate contact with my ex girlfriend after the 3-week cut off period?

How to make someone fall in love with you

If you've read any of my articles on here, you'll know that I insist on a guy breaking off all communication with his ex after the break up for a 3 week period. 3 weeks is a key measure of time in the human psychological make up because:

  1. It will be strong enough to cause her to miss being able to chat with you but

  2. Short enough so she doesn't have time to emotionally move on and forget about you

After this 3-week period, you'll re-initiate contact with her. In trying to win her back, it's important that this is a light-hearted meeting and not another discussion about the break up

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Where should I ask her to meet me?

To keep it in line with being light-hearted, I recommend meeting in a public place for coffee or something innocent like that. Meeting somewhere public will not put pressure on the meeting. However if they insist on making it a more private setting like your place or theirs then by all means take them up on the offer.

If you have the first meeting somewhere for coffee, keep it short and arrange for another meeting with you in a few days time. This will make it easier on her psyche to re-accept you as her potential boyfriend again.

Then, during the second coffee meeting, you can ask if they'd like to go watch a movie at your place or theirs or something like that. You won't be watching much of the movie :-) They'll be secretly delighted you asked, because at this stage the desire to have sex again with you will be at the forefront of their mind.

Sex can win her back?

When a woman has been with a man sexually, a bond is formed in her mind between the both of you. Women form this psychological bond as a result of sex more so then men. You can use this to your advantage in trying to win her back. All the while you should make it look as though the sex happened spontaneously so she doesn't feel tricked.

She will think it was her decision to have sex and that it wasn't part of your strategy. If she thinks it was her decision, her subconscious will believe that she must be in love you again, because you both had sex, and so will induce feelings of love in her once again for you.

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