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How long does it take to get an ex back after a breakup?

How to make someone fall in love with you

In my time I have seen many ways put forth on how to get an ex back. Unfortunately 99% of these are based on guesswork rather than actual scientific and psychological study on how a persons mind works after dumping someone. So consequently their chances of success are hit and miss.

This is why I set up – So that people just after a breakup would have one professional source of advice to go to that they could count on. It would give them the best course of action to take in their particular situation.

In trying to get an ex back, you must fight the natural impulse of wanting to contact your ex in an attempt to coax them back into your arms. Wanting to do this is a natural reaction when a person has been dumped but in order to stand the best chance of getting an ex back – you must fight it and break off contact.

Ok, so how long will it take to get my ex back?

As I lay out in my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology”, it takes approximately 3 weeks of no contact to cause an ex to miss you. There’s 2 reasons for a 3 week period of no contact:

  1. Before 3 weeks (say 1 or 2 weeks), they’ll miss you, but it might not be so much as to want to get back with you.

  2. Longer than 3 weeks (say maybe 4 or 5 weeks), they may be subconsciously starting to move on without you.

A 3 week period is the optimal time. But what if you’ve been currently separated from your ex longer than 3 weeks? In this case hope is still far from lost – as I show in my book. Neither are your chances gone if they’ve started seeing someone new, as relationships started shortly after a breakup almost never last.

When you know how to approach things correctly, even what seems like big obstacles, such as extended time apart or a third parties involvement, can be easily overcome. It just makes it easier to get them back if these obstacles weren’t there – but not definitely not impossible.

So I can get an ex back just by ignoring them?

No. This isn’t like playing hard to get - far from it. During the 3 weeks, you’ll need to do some work using the psychological techniques laid out in my book. You’ll need to examine your ex’s psychological makeup so that you can actively make him/her fall in love with you.

You’ll need to uncover the exact specifics of what your ex wants in a future partner by dismantling their lovemap. You’ll also need to uncover the real reason(s) why they broke up with you and not just the cover reason(s) they gave you at the time of the breakup.

Huh? You might ask – “cover reason(s)” Yes!, “cover reasons” are probably the single biggest reason why people fail to get an ex back. You see if you base your getting him/her back strategy around a false reason for the breakup – you’re simply going nowhere.

In “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” I show how to avoid this pitfall and pinpoint the exact reason they left you. And consequently increase your chances significantly at getting your ex back.

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