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How To Get Back Together - By Re-Igniting Your Exs "Hope" In You

If you want to get back together with your ex, hope is at hand. I have helped thousands of people over the years make someone that they want, fall in love with them. However, just as its possible to make a person fall in love with you, it’s also possible to make a person stop loving you.

To recover your situation, you need to understand the basic psychology of your relationship with them. You have to find out what changed either in you or the other person to stop loving you.

Your ex may have told you that stopped loving you but what this essentially means is that they've lost "hope" in you as being their future partner in life. Understanding this concept is key if you want to get back together with them.

So they lost hope in me?

Over time your ex came to realise that you weren't as good a prospect of a potential partner as they had thought or had been hoping you were. The good news is that if you can change this opinion they have of you, you can get back together with them. Here are key power areas of relationships that you need to examine to first see where you have gone wrong and secondly examine how you can fix:

  1. Confidence: people need to see confidence in their partner.

  2. Respect: both for them, and also for yourself. Did you criticise your partner too much? Did you let yourself go physically such as weight gain or drug/alcohol abuse? If so, to get back together, you will need to demonstrate that you have changed in these areas.

  3. Class: People need to show off their partners to their friends and family. If over time you let your standards drop, you will definitely need to address this.

  4. Passion: Did the relationship just plain become boring for them?

  5. Communications skills: How good you can communicate with your partner is a keystone to any relationship. Did communication break down towards the end of your relationship? To get back together they will need to see that you have changed.

  6. Intimacy: This ties in with communication but is a deeper type of communication. People need to be able to share their inner most world with their partners. Was you partner able to do this with you?

  7. Social skills: did you keep in touch with your friends or become totally reliant on your partner over the course of the relationship. If you have let your social life go, why would your ex want to get back together? Get back out there, and have fun again.

  8. Conflict resolution skills: Being able to control an argument before it gets out of hand shows maturity.

Your ex may have given you a different reason for breaking up with you but the under-lying cause of the break up was probably rooted in one of the above examples. If one or more of the above areas were weak in your relationship, it probably caused the derailment.

So I need to fix these to get back together?

Yes. If a relationship doesn't satisfy these key areas, hope can be lost in one or both partners and this is why you aren't together anymore. Hope was lost that you were "the one".

Likewise to get back together with them, they need to see proof that you have addressed these areas. They need this so they can see that things would be different in future if you get back together.

These are large areas of self-help, which are not possible to go into detail in the confines of this article. I elaborate on them more in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology". Suffice to say that the more areas you tackle and the skill with which you tackle them, the more the likelihood that you will get back together with your ex. And keep them.

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