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Is apologizing a sign of strength or a sign of weakness when trying to get an ex back?

How to make someone fall in love with you

To get an ex back, an apology in some shape or form is required. If they said they weren't happy about something or if you know there was something that caused your ex to leave - then apologize for it. "But isn't an apology a sign of weakness?" you might say or "I thought you said its critical to show yourself to be strong following the break up, not weak?" This is true, but understand this...

The way to see apologies is like ice cream. Ice cream is nice when you have it on rare occasions. However if you had it every other day, you'd grow tired of it and in time hate it. If you apologised too much in your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend it could have caused them to lose respect and attraction for you.

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However, if you only very rarely say sorry, then it retains its value like in the case with ice cream and the attraction is not lost. Rare apologies are not signs of weakness; they are actually signs of strength. A sign of weakness would be:

  1. Apologizing too much

  2. Never apologizing

because it shows you to be insecure. And insecurity is not an attractive characteristic.

But how does apologising get my ex back?

The advantage of apologizing when you've done something bad is that people in general have a high tendency to be forgiving when you give them a genuine apology. The natural reaction to a genuine and sincere apology is forgiveness.

Furthermore, if your ex has lost faith in you because of the way you were in the relationship, the fact your apologising means you're serious about changing things. In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through the hidden reasons for breakups which need to be understood and apologised for if love is to regain its foothold in your relationship.

It also should be noted that if you're holding your ground after a break up and refusing point plank to apologise for something, then this can act as a bar from your ex ever taking you back. Refusal to apologise can act as a roadblock in your exs mind to giving you another chance. If however you apologise, you're removing this barrier and it makes it difficult for your ex to stay mad at you.

How to apologise to get ex back

First make sure you're apologising for the right thing. I go through this in the book and show how to find the exact reason for your break up so you can make them fall in love with you again. The apology needs to be specific to the problem at hand and not just a general apology. You should:

  1. Apologize.

  2. State how your going to change and correct your behaviour so it never becomes an issue again.

  3. Once they accept, don't go on about the issue or keep apologizing. Instead move on and never mention it again.

Now if you followed this advice before your ex broke up with you, you would most probably have avoided the break up entirely. However, you can still change things now and get your ex back.

A sincere apology will disarm your exs reasons for breaking up with you, and set the course for getting back together.

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