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Can you get my ex back ...even if they don't love me?

How to make someone fall in love with you

Get my ex back! You plead. If you want to get your ex back you will need to induce feelings of love in them for you. If they didn't love you the first time in the relationship because it was a short relationship for instance, you can still make them fall in love with you now. 

(NOTE: To discover how to get your ex back before they start dating a new partner, check out my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology".)

But first we need to know what love is, so we can control it better in your ex. Biologically, love is the rush you feel when chemicals like:

  • Phenyl Ethylamine

  • Serotonin

  • Oxytocin

...are released by your body into your bloodstream. I'm sure you've felt this rush. But what causes or triggers the body to release these chemicals? - The subconscious mind is what causes this.

The subconscious mind recognises that someone would be a good match for you or feels that a person would be able to cover over and satisfy one of your unmet needs. From here it will try and find a way to get you close to the person. It achieves this by making you fall in love with them by giving you the above-mentioned rush of chemicals.

But how does this get my ex back?

It shows that a person will fall in love with another person if that individuals subconscious thinks they are important to them in some way. Lets take the situation that you felt down, and were going through a tough period in your life and you met someone that cared about you and looked after you everyday.

Your subconscious would recognise that this other person was vital to making you feel better and putting you in a good mood. It would want to ensure that you stick with this person so they can continue to help you. It achieves this by making you fall in love with them. Because if you love them, you will naturally try extra hard to keep them.

But why love them and not just be good friends with them? If the other person satisfied your lovemaps specifications for what you are looking for in a potential partner - then you would fall in love with them. If they didn't satisfy this lovemap - you would only be interested in them as a friend.

Lovemap specifications can get my ex back?

Yes, matching your exs lovemap combined with being a good strong person in general is the foundation to getting your ex back and making them fall in love with you. You already went out with your ex so that means that at some stage you satisfied both of these areas.

However something changed that caused your ex to fall out of love with you. In the book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through the areas that could have changed and how to remedy them to get your ex back. You might have done or said something that caused you to no longer fit their list.

Perhaps you said something like you didn't want children and it might have been core to your exs list to find someone who wanted children. You might have stayed the same but their list changed. In any case you will need to examine what changed and fix that. I go through in the book, how to recognise these changes so you can work on these precise things rather than working on other things that will never get your ex back.

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