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How To Get Your Ex Back - Using Positive Emotions

How to make someone fall in love with you

In trying to get your ex back, its easy to get mislead into thinking that its out of your hands and there’s nothing you can do. You might think that its up to your ex to want to get back with you and if he/she doesn't, then that’s it, game over. In reality, this is not the case.

While some factors such as your ex's former relationships with people that look similar to you can't be changed, in reality most factors can be taken control of by you and utilised to get your ex back.

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Things You Have Control Over In Getting Your Ex Back

To get your ex back, you need to create an association in your exs mind that relates thoughts of you to positive emotions. In simple terms you want your ex to think positively when they think of you rather than think negatively. Lets take a situation of two similar looking people where:

  • One was friendly, told jokes and was fun to be around

  • While the second was mean, didn't say much and not much fun

Which one would you like to have as a friend? Despite them looking the same, you would pick the friendly one because he would instil positive emotions in you while you wouldn't even want to know the second one.

In trying to get your ex back, you need to examine whether you're instilling positive or negative emotions in your ex and rectify accordingly.

Why Positive Emotions Can Get Your Ex Back

We like people that make us feel happy. That’s the bottom line. Because your ex broke up with you, there must have been something that was causing you to instill negative emotions in them. Everyone is different so there’s no one fit solution to this.

What you have to do is examine their belief system and figure out what makes them click. I go through this in detail in the book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" and how to extract their root desires so you can use them to get your ex back. However, what instils positive emotions in one person may not do so for the next:

  • Some people need humour to feel happy

  • Some need to be loved

  • Some need praise

  • Some want a partner to listen etc

Basically when you get a good idea of there psychological makeup you will know what they need and be able to use it to instill positive emotions in them. They will associate this happiness with being with you making it easier to get your ex back.

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