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Is it possible to get my ex back if they've started seeing someone new?

Are you worried your ex might start dating someone new?
And this would make getting your ex back impossible?

Getting your ex back requires you to have a strong knowledge of psychology and how it works in love and relationships. If your ex has started seeing another person, getting your ex back may seem like an impossibility. But all hope is not necessarily lost.

If your ex and their new partner seem happy together, its highly likely that your old partner is exaggerating in order to give the impression they are making progress away from the break up. In reality, feelings take time to develop, so they are not in that place yet and are even probably still thinking about you every day. Knowing this reality it important to getting your ex back.

They have lost hope in you as a potential life partner and so by going out with someone else they feel they are damaging that old relationship so that it's beyond repair. The ironic thing is by doing this; it shows that you are on their mind.

Getting your ex back by understanding your exs thought process

Another reason they might try and start a new relationship is because they still have some feelings for you but think you would not make a good life partner for whatever reason. Here the new partner helps them get over you.

And to convince themselves that they are recovered from the break up they try and over act their happiness. The reality is: the more people try to convince themselves and others that they are over an ex, the less likely they actually are over them.

Rebound relationships wont stop you getting your ex back

There’s a word for relationships that occur just after a break up: rebound relationships. And they are almost always not serious or long lasting. As long as you:

  1. Don’t take that relationship serious and

  2. Don’t become jealous

you can still succeed in getting your ex back. You want your ex to see you as being strong after the break up and not being needy and insecure. If you display these negative qualities now, you only allow your ex validation over their decision to break up with you. They will look at you and say: "There! I was right to break up with them, they are just a loser"

If however, you stay strong and don’t allow any new partner they may have to make you look jealous, they will not have this same validation for breaking up with you. Their subconscious mind will begin to question whether they were right to leave you. This confusion that will aid you in getting your ex back.

Getting your ex back and jealousy

Ironically, jealousy only pushes people away, not bring them towards you. The bottom line is that you should just ignore their new partner as though they were just background noise. With that mentality you will show yourself as a strong individual and you can proceed as I show in the book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology".

Once you are successful at getting your ex back, that new partner she had will fade quickly into history. They will lose their appeal just like all new partners in rebound relationships do.

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